Leah O'brien-Amico

I had the best five minute coversation ever with Leah today. Here is how it goes: Rachel and I walk over to get a picture with her and after that we were just talking. When I looked up at her she looked at me and then my name tag ans goes: “Oh my gosh, I remember your name. Facebook right?” Okay, I died. Me: YES :D Leah: Oh, awesome! We’ve talked a number of times. You’re a real sweet girl. Again, a slow painful death. Me: Thank you! :D I’m sorry about my status’. They’re a little obsured. /: Leah: You know that is perfectly okay, but no matter how mad I am, I try not to post anything like that either. I just hold it in a breathe. I’m a very Godsend person so I believe in Christ, and so when I can’t get over something, I really enjoy his company. Me: I don’t really have anyone to vent to and if I do, I usually talk to Him also. But lately, I’ve been falling behind on that so everything goes to facebook. holding back so many tears Leah: I write, or most of the time I read. Me: I’m not a reader. Laughs Leah: nods Me: But I mostly go to Tumblr to express my feelings because the people on there are really understanding and I love it. (thanks followers! :) ) Leah: Oh that’s what the girls do these days? Laughs Me: Yeah, mostly. We actually have to go, my group left and we have to figure out where we’re going. Leah: What group are you? Me/Rachel: UofA, the oldest group. Leah: You’re going to see Mac at batting. puts hand on my shoulder If I can find you later, we can talk more. Me: Smiling hard Okay, sounds good.

And I walk away. I never got a chance to talk to her again but maybe I will tomorrow. Leah is such a down to Earth person and I feel like I could go into the deepest of conversations with her. I need an adult in my life like her. That 3-5 minute talk, made the rest of my day seem so good. I actually listened to what I was supposed to, I didn’t give up afterwords, and everything was just awesome. Well, the first day of camp was absolutely fabulous and unfortunately tomorrow is the last day. ): I hate being on the oposite sides of the country of all the Olympians but it’s life. Anyway, i just biked a few miles in the fitness room here in the hotel. I feel really good about myself right now. Played softball allll day, then went and worked out. Awesome. Complete awesomeness. Goodnight <3