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Caller Predicts JFK’s Death

Shortly after 10am on November 22, 1963 a call came in to a switchboard in Oxnard, Calif. The operator could hear a woman whispering on the other end and she sounded like she was in trouble. “The President is going to die at 10:30” is what the woman on the other line whispered. She kept telling the operator that The President was going to die soon. 

She went on with other random and cryptic statements, such as “The government takes over everything, lock, stock, and barrel” and “The Supreme Court. There’s going to be a fire in all of the windows.” The woman disconnected at 10:25. The call was written off as the ramblings of a crazy person, and the operator didn’t do anything to report it.

Kennedy was shot and killed at 12:30 p.m. Central time — 10:30 a.m. in California.


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Mondays are better when it’s National Puppy Day.

Puppies of the Ford family dog Liberty play on the White House lawn.  

Puppies of Kennedy family dogs Pushinka and Charlie. 6/18/63.

George Bush walks with Millie and her puppies on the White House lawn. 4/20/89.

Lyndon B. Johnson shows puppies (sired by Him) to Courtney Valenti.  1/5/66.

Susan, Mrs. Ford, and Gerald Ford with Liberty and puppies. 9/16/75.

White House puppies!