Oh god, apparently all the Scourtney haters come out now that they’ve “kissed”

Everyone’s so upset and I’m just over here like

The actual best part of shipping Courtney with everyone is that I never give a fuck so long as she’s happy.

Things that happened today:
- Boss took me aside to ask if I was doing okay. Assured her all was fine.
- Fell asleep at my desk like an hour later.
- (my desk is next to my boss and in front of the dept head. Jfc)
- Got call from mum that one of the kitties was missing.
- Mum was very upset. Had looked all through the garden and called the neighbours and sounded so distraught on the phone.
- Had the fun task of looking out for roadkill on the way home, just in case.
- Searched for kitty when I got home. Search took nine seconds. He’d been inside the whole time, asleep under a bed.
- We must have rejoiced a little too hard that orange kitty was not dead, because black kitty spite-peed on my bed.
- Went online to recover from this day and found out that a friend had gotten closer to death than I would like.
- Gave up and went to bed. Kitties came over for cuddles. Kitties then had a fight on me.
- Ughhhh.