Some days (most days?) you want to feel a little more bad-ass than you really are, and on those occassions reach for this black leather bracelet from JF & Son instead of, you know, running out and getting something pierced. If you’re feeling plenty tough but think your outfit could use some jazzing up, wrap this beaded strip around your waist—you can wear it as a belt, too. —erica

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Models Schmodels—they’re more than pretty faces/clothes hangers; they’re kick-ass, confident, ambitious. Well, ours are anyway. Our current homepage girl Sydney proves it.

Name: Sydney Shen

Location: New York, NY

Occupation: Artist, co-founder and editor of Beauty Today magazine

Who are your biggest style inspirations?

Swedes are always so well dressed. Restrained, lots of black, but not angsty or boring. At the same time I also really like how John Waters lauds Comme des Garçons for making luxury goods that look like actual garbage. Good taste equalizes transcends the high/low binary. I love those Celine flip flops with the marabou feather footbed.

Proudest moment?

You’re going to have to be more specific.

If you were magically turned into one clothing item/bag/accessory, what would it be?

 A zentai suit (see here).

Biggest life goal yet to accomplish?

Transform into a full-body spandex garment.


The world is ending.  Your last tweet ever?


Check out more of Sydney here and check back soon to see what’s in her closet!