When J.F. Sargent’s not an Anger Balrog of fury, he’s still got plenty of self-analysis ahead of him.

6 Weird Things Everyone Misunderstands About Anger

#6. The Difference Between Letting Go of Anger and Suppressing It Isn’t Clear

The idea is that you’re supposed to let go of the things that you can’t control and fight to control the things you can — only that’s insane, because most stuff doesn’t clearly fall into one of those categories. What if you hate your job? What if you hate where you live? What if your cat won’t stop meowing? You have to do a lot of investigating and careful thinking to figure out if those are problems that you can actually fix or if they’re issues you just have to accept — and that’s damn near impossible when you’re angry. So the real prerequisite to all this anger advice is that you need to learn to control your anger — but what’s the difference between that and suppressing it?

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