"-and then you called me ‘Toots’ and I was just like, naaaaah…"


"I know, amazing right?"

"More like amazing that you didn’t punch me unconscious."

"Shoot, yeah! That could’ve saved a bunch of hassle… Okay, ‘you ever do it again and I’ll straight-up exorcise you with a fist to the face. Deal?"


When J.F. Sargent’s not an Anger Balrog of fury, he’s still got plenty of self-analysis ahead of him.

6 Weird Things Everyone Misunderstands About Anger

#6. The Difference Between Letting Go of Anger and Suppressing It Isn’t Clear

The idea is that you’re supposed to let go of the things that you can’t control and fight to control the things you can — only that’s insane, because most stuff doesn’t clearly fall into one of those categories. What if you hate your job? What if you hate where you live? What if your cat won’t stop meowing? You have to do a lot of investigating and careful thinking to figure out if those are problems that you can actually fix or if they’re issues you just have to accept — and that’s damn near impossible when you’re angry. So the real prerequisite to all this anger advice is that you need to learn to control your anger — but what’s the difference between that and suppressing it?

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Curious about Presidential History? Ask a Curator!

Do you have questions about Presidential history and artifacts? Tomorrow, the Presidential Libraries  of the National Archives will be answering questions live for #AskaCurator Day on Twitter.  

Over 600 museums from 40 countries will be participating, including our very own experts on Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Jimmy Carter.  You can also ask curators at the National Archives Exhibits in Washington, D.C.

Send us your questions and tune in tomorrow, Wednesday, September 17. We’ve got a great line up!

Museum Objects from the Presidential Libraries:

Rocking Chair used by John F. Kennedy in the Oval Office; RCA Radio Microphone used by FDR to deliver some of his Fireside Chats from the White House; HMS Resolute Desk replica at the JFK Library; Portrait by Octavio Ocampo presented to President Carter on the occasion of a state dinner honoring José López Portillo, President of Mexico, February 1979; 1957 Inaugural gown of Mamie Eisenhower; WWII POW Diary at the Truman Library;1952 Eisenhower campaign hat.

okay so, season 10 has Dean banging some blonde chick and being besties with Crowley… (and they use the sacred jerk/bitch exchange?!!)


and Hannah’s supposed to be in love with Cas now? what the acTUAL FuCK!!
they’ve spent 6 seasons since angles were introduced blathering on about how all angels are siblings and to equate Michael and Lucifer to Dean and Sam and reiterating how far Cas had fallen to how he treats his siblings in that given season and now we’re expected to just accept this?


and Cas wants to kill Dean? what


what the fuck are they smoking in those writers conferences, fuck me

i never thought i’d say it but it seems Sam is the only character who is behaving logically and consistently - he always goes off the rails when he loses Dean

I’m so fucking sick of them invalidating the bond between S&D and D/C. you can rant till you’re blue in the face about how the writers are ‘undecided’ about destiel and how ‘it’s all a slow burn’ but fuck that. they’re tearing destiel apart AGAIN. THIS IS LIKE THE MILLIONTH BULLSHIT REASON TO SEPARATE THEM. the fucking queerbaiting of this show is off the charts

at this point I’m expecting s10 to be as entertaining as watching a train crash: it’s loud and thrilling, but you can’t help but wince and feel awful for all the poor souls burning to death in the flaming wreckage of what used to be an excellent show

Am I really the only one who remembers Destiny’s Child’s slut-shaming anthem Nasty Girl and thinks Beyoncé might not be the best choice as the face of modern feminism?