Almost Is Never Enough - Jack Gilinsky Imagine ❤️

A/N : Hey guys! Apologizing in advanced if this imagine has typo errors or grammar problems cause this imagine was made with my phone and I couldn’t wait to write it so I just made it here. HEHE 😂 hope you guys like it! :) REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN 😋

BANG! The door was now closed. What have I done? My plan is all ruined. I’m such an idiot. I couldn’t move. I feel like I’m catching her but in reality I’m just here standing infront of the door.. Tearing up. I just saw her left. She left. GOD DAMN IT JACK! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! I ran out of the door and it was too late. She was not there anymore. It was just an empty, cold front yard. Y/N left. I sat down infront of our door and put both my hands on my head and pulled my hair in frustration and guilt. She left….


Friday Night, 11:30 PM. “Ohmygosh! It’s gonna be our 2 year anniversary with Jack! I can’t wait to see my superman. I miss him so much even though I just saw him 4 hours ago. I know its a bit cheezy but we’re inlove! He makes me so happy. I just can’t believe were dating for 2 years already. I just cant wait.” you told your bestfriend by the phone. “Y/N. Don’t get to excited! HAHAHAHA. Sis, I know you and Jack are deeply inlove with eachother and I’m happy that someone makes you the happiest but please don’t scream at me through the phone!” your bestfriend said and you both shared a laugh. “Hey. I have to go. Planned to get up early to go look for stuffs tomorrow kay?” you told her “sure. night night. love you and happy almost 2 year with jacky!”

The sun was shining. ☀️ I woke up and stretched my body and rubbed my face and brought out a sigh. IT’S THE DAY! I realized then got up—I meant sat up from my bed with a biiiiiig smile on my face. I got my phone and recieved messages from close friends like Jack Johnson, Nate, Sammy, Malory, Nash, Cameron, Hayes, and Matt but nothing from Jack. It hit me but I just thought that it was just his thing and planned to surprise me or something so I just went through it. I got showered and put on some leggings and my Nike sweater plus my vans and tied up my hair and went out for a walk.

While I was waiting for my Latte to be served, a group of girls went near me. “Uhm, Y/N?” “Yeah?” I replied with a smile on my face “Oh hey! Uhm, we just wanna take a picture with you. Can we?” “Oh sure! Why not?” then we took a photo and they looked not that happy at all “You girls alright? Did I do something wrong or something?” I asked concerned. “Oh no no. Its just that…” “Amanda…” the other girl interrupted Amanda as I assume was the fan’s name “Just what?” I asked really curious about it and all they said was “I was just looking for that kind of sweater for months and where’d you buy them?” one said “Oh it was Jack’s birthday gift.” I replied smiling. “Oh how sweet!” they all said “Here’s a Mocha Latte for Y/N!” “Oh that’s mine. I gotta go. It was nice meeting you beauties though!” I said then Amanda held my wrist and whispered “I am sorry….” then left. Sorry? For? Whoa whats going on? Pft. I got my Latte and exited the cafe. I walked home cause I felt like it. Well, it was a good day and the wind was blowing with the hot breeze with it. It just felt amazing and relaxing. And this day was absolutely perfect. And I am excited to see Jack again and spend the whole night with him celebrating our 2nd anniversary. 

As soon I got home, I put down my keys and my bag and sat down for awhile on my couch. I scrolled through my phone and read dramas around twitter. I can’t believe it. I think it’s ending when she finds out. #WhyJackWhyOne tweet came out. Why Jack Why? What is this? I just laughed it out. It’s just some kind of twitter drama like it is. Like rumors and stuffs and so. I still haven’t got a message from Jack so I decided to call him up. Hey it’s G. Sorry I can’t be talking to you right now. I maybe busy with work or Im attending some meet and greets or Im with my family now or cuddling with my princess. Leave me a message instead! "Uhm, hey Jack! It’s me. Just wanted to greet you a happy happy anniversary! Can’t wait to see you tonight! I love you! So much. Call me okay? I feel anxious though. Haha, just wanted to hear your voice babe. Love you. Bye."


I settled everything. Dinner and all for me and Jack. Now, its time for me to dress up. I wore a red dress and some black heels. I put my hair down and curled them and put some makeup on with a bright red lipstick. I wore the silver charm necklace Jack gave me last year during first anniversary. I only wore it on special occasions. I treasure that necklace. Everything Jack gives me, I treasure them. ❤️ It’s been 30 minutes since Jack has not arrived yet. The food was getting cold. And he has not called me back yet. Im getting worried. I called his phone up and still no answer. I called up Sammy. “Hey Sam.” I sighed “Hey baby girl. Happy Anniversary! Why do you sound so unhappy?” he asked “Jack isn’t here yet. He has not called me back yet. Do you know where he might be?” I said “Oh man. Baby girl I’m sorry for that but I don’t know where he is. We were with him earlier but he left hours ago. We thought he went straight there cause it was you guys’ anniversary.” Sammy explained. “What?! But…” I said “Try asking Johnson. He might know where he is or maybe he’s with him.” Sammy said “Sure. Thanks Sammy.” “No biggy baby girl. Enjoy your night ayt? Positive. Positive kay?” Sam said and I agreed and giggled then hang up. I dialed Johnson’s number. It was ringing “Yo what’s up? Happy Anniversary!” He greeted. “Thanks J.” “Why’d you call up? Did something happen? Do you guys need me?” Johnson asked “No. It isn’t ‘we’ it’s me, J. I need your help.” I said I was about to cry since it’s obvious that Johnson has no idea to where Jack is and obviously he isn’t with him. “Wha-What’s wrong? Are you about to cry?! Y/N what the hell is going on?” Johnson asked “Jack isn’t here yet and I… I’m getting worried and scared. J, do you know where he is? He has not contacted me either. J, please… please help me out here.” I stated and my voice was cracking already. “Well. I was with him awhile ago. We were with the gang. We left earlier together and separated at some resto bar downtown.” Johnson said “Can you please contact him for me?” i asked “Sure. I’ll call you back. Stop worrying. Stop crying. It should be a happy night for you. Think positive, Y/N. Positive.” Johnson told me and hang up. JOHNSON’S POV~ Man. What the hell is going on?! Where the hell is Gilinsky?! I dialed his number up. It rang. No answer. I redialed it again it rang and no answer still. I never stopped till he answered it “Yo.” Gilinsky answered “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! Y/N IS GETTING WORRIED! WHAT THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU DOING?! SHE’S BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TONIGHTS YOUR ANNIVERSARY DINNER DICK HEAD!!!!” I screamed at Gilinsky “SHIT I….. I…..” He stuttered “I? I? I WHAT?! FORGOT?! WHAT THE HELL G! Where are you?” “Babe what more of that drink?” a girl spoke up “WHO THE FUCKING HELL WAS THAT G?! ARE YOU AT A STRIP CLUB?!” I asked frustrated. Y/N was a very good friend to me and I met her first but frankly, I feel inlove with her before but I got over it cause I was not that mature enough still. But she was a good bestfriend to me and I love her and she’s like a sister to me. So I always got protective to her and she was to me too same to Gilinsky but now I’m not Y/N. “No. Yes. No. Uhm. J I cant explain.” Gilinsky stuttered once again. “What bar are you in?!” I asked “Purple. bro I cant explain.” Gilinsky said. He sounded like he was hurrying out. “Dont explain that to me. Explain that to the poor girl getting worried about you waiting for your call for hours and still now waiting and hoping for you to show up!” I hang up. I was frustrated. What G is doing is hell. I redialed y/n’s number “Hello?” she sounded relieved “Hey.” I said softly “Do you know where he is J?” she sounded excited “Yeah. I do” I said scared “Well, Where is he?” She asked again. “Uhmm…” Part 2? Message me on what you think will happen! :) xoxo

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This is what the targeted people should all be thinking. All of your lives are important, everyone’s are. Don’t hurt yourself because of what other people think of you. It’s what you think about yourself that’s important. 


There can never be enough Connor continuously touching Murphy to soothe him on your dash.