#SPN10 COUNTDOWN CHALLENGE | 16 days to go | S8E16

↳ You’re not welshing on that deal, not on my watch. If you die, it’s gonna be because of something normal

I think this is the first time Sam realizes he might not come out alive of those trials, this very morning he started coughing blood, then he met Prometheus and his story and it all made him think again…

When he is talking to Dean in the car, in this very intimate moment, he expresses his fear, he isn’t sure as he was before, and he is looking for some comfort. ‘How do you know, Dean?’ because Dean always knew, and Dean has to know. But Dean is terrified himself, and his response is 'you promised', as if it is up to Sam, and he knows it isn’t, but he can’t bear the thought that Sam might end up dead.

Sometimes I remember that there are people, out there, many younger Larry supporters who actually believe that there are three Calder twins called Eleanor, Tina and Gretchen, and then I also remember why many people won’t take us seriously.

steverogersisanationaltreasure said:

newsies "the floor is lava" headcanons// everyone wants crutchie bc his crutch is REALLY good at tugging over chairs and sliding rugs over. romeo's reALLY good at making giant leaps from one chair to another without knocking anything over. katherine can immediately leap from the step into the family room to the center of the kitchen counter without any trouble at all. jack has no problem sacrificing his friends for the greater good & using them as stepping stones omg

jaCK KELLY oh my god im in teARS

spot would defs 100% make all of his boys make a human bridge so the safe zone i can proMISE YOU this where he would have to fight jack on like the couch or something.

davey would probably be super strategic about it and line up chairs and things and i bet youre like “but danni??? how does he reach them??” one word: les.

specs is winning so someone steals his glasses. it takes approximately .0002 seconds for him to fall.

albert is the second one out. he falls off a chair after laughing too hard at finch trying to make a really easy jump and failing.

they’re all nerds. all of them. there is so winner.