J-fashion black girls:

Lolitas, cult party kei cuties, fairy kei fairies, pastel sweethearts, himekaji babies and gyaru sisters,

You are beautiful, your skin is beautiful; it compliments all j-fashion palettes perfectly. Pastel and honey coloured wigs look amazing on you. Your sparkling eyes and sharp lashes and kissy-lips are doll-like. Big, petite, tall, short, your body and its shape fit so perfectly in your clothes. You are sparkling, glittery angels from the heavens and you don’t need to be fair to be the fairest of them all.

You are so beautiful and you suit J-fashion subcultures so very nicely.

Don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. Not J-fashion brands, not cosmetics companies, not wig companies, not other lovers of your favourite fashion.


Boycotting this whole “Taylor please come back letter” crap because Taylor is not obligated to be on here and like your posts. It’s also pretty selfish to try and guilt trip her into coming back on here when she obviously wants to take a break and she has other shit to do. Her life is not being on tumblr, she has a WORLD TOUR to plan and rehearse for, friends to hang out with and things to do. So if you’re soul purpose of being on tumblr is to get noticed by her then maybe you should take a break too.

The Far Side

It wasn’t until 1959 that humans got their first look at the other side of the Moon. In October of that year, the Soviet Union’s Luna 3 spacecraft circled around to the unseen face and transmitted the first image of its surface back to Earth (x). While the resolution of the image made it look like it was created on an Etch A Sketch, it was still a pioneering effort.

Over fifty years have passed since that initial image, and now we have great views of the far side of the Moon. The one shown here was created from data collected by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which has been orbiting our natural satellite since 2009. With hundreds of terabytes of data to work with, scientists have been able to to create incredibly detailed maps of the Moon’s topography.

Though the unseen face of the Moon is often referred to as the Dark Side, it is anything but. It cycles through phases just like the familiar face does, based on the changing angle of the Sun as the Moon orbits Earth.

If you’re looking at the backside of the Moon, does that mean the Moon is mooning you?


Image credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio


Then in [episode] seven, Ian gets committed [and] you just see the heartbreak of Mickey. That was my episode. What I wanted to do is show this parallel of how Mickey has become like Frank, in a way, when Frank was with Monica. That there was such love but it’s soul crushing to have such love somebody and to not be able to help them and to see them being so self-destructive and so tunnel-visioned because of this disease. We see him turn to alcohol more. It gives us, almost, an idea of what Frank probably went through. - Nancy Pimental

Except it doesn’t because Frank doesn’t actually give two fucks about Monica?? Like I hate to explain the characters on your show to you, but since you don’t seem to know what the fuck you’re talking about I guess it’s necessary? Frank was not “crushed” over seeing Monica go through her bipolar symptoms. As long as she helped him score drugs and booze and had sex with him, he did not care. The only time he was distressed in the slightest was when she could no longer do those things and he was distressed for himself, not her. That’s what your show actually showed us. Maybe you should go back and watch season two of this show that you purportedly write.