The Earliest Pictures Of Jerusalem From 170 Years Ago

These earliest pictures of Jerusalem were taken ​​in 1844 by French photographer and draughtsman Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey (1804 – 1892), who was active in the Middle East. In 1844, Jerusalem was a small town with a population of 15 thousand people on the outskirts of the Ottoman Empire.

Remarkably, his photographs were only discovered in the 1920s in a storeroom of his estate and then only became known eighty years later.

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Inscription on the Jobar Synagogue also known as the Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue, dates back to 720 BCE - Damascus, Syria

The synagogue is built over a cave traditionally thought to be where the prophet Elijah (Eliyahu) hid inside.

The synagogue was partially destroyed in May 2013 during the Syrian civil war. Rebel forces & the government blame each other for the destruction

In the past sick people of all faiths were brought to the cavern underneath the synagogue in the hope that Elijah’s spirit could heal them.

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"Trouble" from the film I want to be a Boarder

The world hates us and we throw our own into that world without the protection of a community. We say they are not our own – because they don’t have a Jewish mother, because they don’t go to shul, or they converted for their spouse, or Jews don’t marry goyim, or because Jews don’t have that skin-color, or those people only say they’re Jews so they can go to Israel, or Jews don’t make liberalism their religion, or because Jews don’t engage in “perversion,” or any number of reason that we are not Jews. But the world knows we are Jews, and the world hates us, and the world will never let us forget, and the world will kill us just as soon as you.

Tumblr for Trans Jews

Shalom, let me take a moment to introduce TransJewry — the TL;DR? A blog whose primary aim is transgender and non-binary Jews of all backgrounds, which posts resources and materials that are otherwise extremely difficult to find as a small community.

I talk more about myself and the blog here, but feel free to ask questions or share resources. I would love for this to be shared, so that this becomes an active and easily accessible resource for those who need it!

A PSA on Jewishness, because apparently non-Jews just have to know this stuff and can't figure it out on their own

Jews are an ethnic group. Global Jewry is made up of several different ethnic groups, the largest of which are: Sefardi Jews, whose ancestors historically lived in the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and western Europe; Ashkenazi Jews, whose ancestors historically lived in central and eastern Europe; and Mizrahi Jews, whose ancestors historically lived in MENA (Middle East/North Africa). There are other groups of ethnic Jews living in other places in the world as well. Jews from all of these groups have moved across the world, largely due to persecution in their host countries, and formed new communities in new places, so that there may be longstanding communities of Ashkenazi Jews in France, and Sefardi Jews in Morocco.

All ethnic Jews have ancestral, genetic heritage stemming from the Levant (specifically, the area now known as Israel and/or Palestine). All Jews also have cultural heritage stemming from the Levant. This is no less important or relevant than genetic heritage.

Some Jews have mixed heritage (one Jewish parent only). They are also Jews. The matrilineal descent question is a question of Jewish religious law, and is interpreted differently by different Jewish denominations and individuals. (My personal stance is to affirm patrilineal descent.) 

The religion historically practiced by Jews is Judaism. Ethnic Jews may practice any religion they please; this does not mean they are less Jewish in terms of their heritage. Non-ethnic Jews may convert to Judaism; this does not make them any less Jewish in terms of their religious practice. Judaism does not proselytize.

Judaism as a whole takes no global stance of Zionism as a political ideology. Different Jews have different opinions on Zionisms (plural intentional, because Zionism takes a lot of forms), and while they may be good or bad people, and you may agree or disagree with their politics, their Zionism or anti-Zionism does not inherently make them any more or less Jewish. 

The question of Jewish identity is ultimately not the purview of non-Jews. It is nothing more or less than gross arrogance for non-Jews to assume that their opinions on this question are remotely relevant or of interest to Jews, and the persistent insertion of some non-Jews into these private conversation is extremely offensive.

If you are not Jewish, and have written, or are considering writing, a post on  Jewish identity/ethnicity, I have some advice for you: don’t. You almost certainly don’t know what you’re talking about, and you definitely can’t have a better understanding of these complex issues than someone who is actually Jewish themselves. If you really feel, for some inexplicable reason, that you simply must weigh in on this issue, consult an actual Jew before doing so. 


Hamas to kids: Shoot and kill all the Jews.

Whilst still a child herself, TV host Rawan speaks to a younger child named Tulin on this daily children’s program (called 'Pioneers of Tomorrow/Tomorrows Pioneers') in Gaza Strip on Hamas’ TV. Earlier in the show’s segment, Nahul, an adult masked behind a giant bee costume, told the children to take stones and “smash” the “Jewish neighbors”. Tulin had stated that she wants to be a police officer when she grows up, which made way for Rawan and Nahul to direct her to the conclusion that as a police officer, she would shoot “all the Jews”. In one of the following episodes, Nahul the Bee is shown to be dying due to a giant bee disease which Israel prevented him from getting treatment for. Nahul the Bee is replaced by another animal-puppet, Assud the (Jew-eating) Rabbit who states “I, Assud, will get rid of the Jews, Allah wiling, and I will eat them up, Allah willing…”

The way that Hamas encourages death and hatred towards Jews is just repulsive. 

See for yourself:

[clip from episode with Tulin and Nahul]

[clip from episode of dying Nahul being replaced by Assud the Jew-eating rabbit]

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Don’t let atheism turn into hatred

For many of us atheism is very empowering. But, it’s important to avoid turning that into hate and feelings of moral superiority.