etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.21.14

theme thursday: new-to-me shops

gold-plated agate coasters in purple by vagabondqueen

followers, be sure to click through to check out your third new-to-EFOTD shop, vagabondqueen — not only do they have sweet agate coasters like the featured purple beauties (that are not only gold-painted, but gold-PLATED!) but also jewelry and jewelry boxes. too cool.

Deer Antler Ring, by jewelrybyjohan (via Etsy)

The deer antler inlay is solid and goes all the way around the titanium ring, with NO joints. Because it is a natural product, the color of the antler in the ring that you receive will vary from the color of the ring pictured. It is impossible to predict what the color/texture/grain etc. will look like.

I can make you a ring with your own antler, send me piece that is at least 1.5” in diameter and six inches long to be used in the ring that you order. The price would remain the same.

Love this.