'Lindworm' sterling silver and antique glass pendant — new in my shop at raintower.etsy.com. The Lindworm or Lindorm is a European Dragon. It is sometimes good, sometimes evil but always powerful and hibernates inside the trunk of  a linden tree. The Lindworm can bite its own tail to resemble the Ourobouros and travel, wheel-shaped, at great speeds.

Sculpted by me and cast in sterling silver this dragon cradles a one hundred year old antique glass marble and is therefore limited in this specific incarnation.

"Blank Space" music video 

Miu Miu cropped sweater
Lorraine Schwartz jewelry

Taylor picked up on the colours of her Topshop plaid pants with a cropped sweater by Miu Miu. Unsurprisingly, Lorraine Schartz continued to provide the jewelry for the video as seen by the stunning statement necklace Taylor wore in this set up. 

Worn with: Topshop pants

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Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Ring

Carry one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history wherever you go with the Han Solo frozen in carbonite ring. This limited edition ring depicts the heroic Captain Han Solo after he was captured and trapped in carbonite. A great piece of flair for any Star Wars fan.


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