1971-1980: Personal

To finish up with the 1970s, pics from the family album. The first pic is of my attai (bua/aunt) in the early 1970s. The photograph was taken - as was common then - for the purpose of arranging her marriage. Her hoop earrings and chain and locket was common for young girls at the time. 

In the mid 70s her marriage was arranged with the boy next door. She retained the plucked eyebrows seen in pic 2 for a fair number of years, her eye make up is also toned down in the post wedding portrait. Her adigai necklace is in the traditional red but it was commonplace for those who could afford it to make a number of “sets” i.e. bangles, necklace, earrings in a variety of colours. For her newly minted husband aka my uncle everything is wide - lapels, tie, collar, moustache:)


Little Erik discovered the jewellery box in Christine’s dressing room. 

Let’s make this a searching game. Who can find the

  1. Bajoran earpiece
  2. earring with music notes
  3. coffin ring
  4. silver hands holding each other
  5. Apollo’s lyre
  6. little Meg
  7. crystal ball
  8. blue moth
  9. spiderweb ring
  10. 2 skulls and a certain heavy metal-band
  11. dragon ring
  12. silver roses?