This weeks giveaway add on is a stick of white sage to cleanse your home when you receive your new friends <3 #instagiveaway remember to post a pic of your favorite stone or stones and hashtag #jewelguru

Here’s the final prize in one week from today a lucky follower will receive this parcel of druzied flint one white sage wand and a tigers eye pendant ill be putting on a black leather cord just a reminder post a pic/s of you favorite stone/s then #jewelguru to enter and again enter as many times as you like I love all the favorite babies I’ve seen so far ^_^ thanks for all the positive feedback I love you guys <:£ <3

#715 #dratinges on very rare occasions it has been known when having a female #dratini holding an Orion berry and a male #florges holding a shiney stone it produces something called a dratinges these creatures are intensely agile, to be able to flutter about at birth there egg much hatch near an Orion berry bush. Through the powers of grass and psychic it pierces the leaves of the bush to gain energy. #pokemon #jewelguru #pokebrained <3

Being in love with yourself is being in love with the world. Being in love with the world is being in love with the universe. You are the universe, the universe is you. I am love, love is me. While I am he and you are me. We are all love! ☆♡ Love is my universe ♡☆
—  Jewelguru
My dream for the world is that the predator instinct would see its way out. Replace it with the evolution of the compassion instinct.
A life without predators… EVERYTHING changes!!!!!
I firmly believe this is the root of all evil not money. The instinct to see weakness and take advantage. Money is just a form for the exchange of energy, Good or bad. Just like guns dont kill pencils do!!!!!
—  jewelguru