friends and followers

since i have quite a few new followers from the past couple days i’m going to post this again.

my band Jeta Grove is releasing our debut album Celestial Currents this summer. we have been doing a fundraiser to raise money to order the physical copies of the album. this is a fan funded operation. with every donation you are alotted certain rewards, all amounts include the CD.

we plan on ordering on the 3rd of July.

all left over money will go into ordering t shirts

here is the link to our fundraiser, PLEASE take a look at it

You dont have to donate alot, even 10$ goes a long way

and any rewards you get can and will be shipped if you dont live in our area


This is the album art for the debut @jetagrove album “Celestial Currents”
We’re fundraising on to produce the CDs. If you want to help us and make us really happy AND you want rewards please go check it out, just search jeta grove on the site #indiegogo #jetagrove #celestialcurrents #album #fundraiser IF YOU DONATE 100$ YOU GET FREE ADMISSION TO OUR SHOWS FOR LIFE