I doodled this on my arm last night to see if I could ever do a wrist tattoo… Regardless of placement, the meaning behind it is important to me. Then, I was asked about it class today and I got to share Jesus with the group. One girl was touched by the story and others asked some questions. I’m amazed at the fact that Jesus just spoke to people through something a frivolous as a doodle on my arm. He’s pursuing the lost whether we are or not. #Jesusmoments #tattoo #doodle #thelittleprince #scripture

Friends! Youth for Christ Singapore will be having a Youth Camp this 22nd Nov to 24th (after major exams woo!) Come on over and join us to experience your #jesusmoments with YFC πŸ™Œ For more info you can contact the respective ppl on the poster (if it’s too blur pls inform me 😢) or you can check out @yfcsingapore WOO! Yeah 😊

Will be seeing these dudes tomorrow. But first, I’d like to thank Lex for sharing this moment with me. It’ll be our first (and very legit) concert to watch as a couple and I’m glad I’m sharing this fulfilling, uplifting and humbling experience with him. I can imagine us worshipping, giving our praises to the Most High—together. Padayon! Salamat Lord sa grasya! Ikaw na gyud! πŸ™ŒπŸŽΆπŸ˜‡

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