jesusandcarmex asked:

Hey girl :) So I just thought you should know that I consider you another one of my tumblr sister blogs. You just.. exude an inner peace that I'm on my way to finding and resting in. You're a beautiful, natural, intelligent, healthy, hilarious black woman who is socially conscious and loves Jesus. And all of those sometimes contradictory things co-exist in such a perfectly harmonious way which makes you just exude wisdom and greatness and yeah girl. Btw I'm Jazmine kbye! :)

Was your intent to make me tear up? Because you definitely achieved it if it was :)
I appreciate this message because although you only knew me through my blog, you have weeded through the superficial stuff and seen what’s important to me.
You’re so sweet to message me like this and I’m glad to be called one of your sister blogs!
Can I call you one if my sister blogs to Jazmine?

#History: First ALL Black Female Flight Crew

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#History: First ALL Black Female Flight Crew
The first US airline flight staffed by an all African-American female flight crew comprised of Captain Rachelle Jones, first officer Stephanie Grant and flight…

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