Giveaway prizes going out tomorrow: a special request bat for demonswithprettyfaces and a custom MonsterFriend for jesterisdead who is finishing a dissertation so happy glasses monster. Hope they’re okay~ The other prizes went out a while back (except rustypolished ‘s monster but she knows me so I GUESS I’m off the hook till I get to it)

And also one for radtastical whenever it’s time for the nananananana BAT TRADE


 jesterisdead replied to your post: Love it when you randomly start fancying someone…

who is this? Because if you say Steve then I’m going to freak. ;)

Haha, I wish! No, it’s just some guy off Lewis who just seemed tall and hot. If it was Steve I wouldn’t have posted anything about it; instead I’d have just zoomed off to his supposed address and licked his windows and rubbed my vagina against his front door. I’m sure he’d love that.

Reasons for Standing Still

So here is the awful, honest truth:
Your pain tolerance will increase.
Give it a few more sleepless nights
A few more unmet needs.
Wait a couple more loveless years
Gain a little weight
Be the reason for a shattered heart
Make a few more awful mistakes.
Hurt the people who adore you
Watch them leave or make them stay
Sleep until the sun finally sets
And make somebody pay.
Cry until your throat is raw
Hate somebody kind
Injure your sanity beyond repair
Let yourself fall behind.
The truth is that it will hurt
It will prove how much you can bear
The truth is that you will be disappointed
And this I promise: none of it will seem fair.
But this, too, is true:
You have barely begun
And there are awfully sad songs
Still worth being sung
Scarred tissue heals strong
- even in the heart -
And you do not need full vision
To walk through the dark
So when you are lost
When your chest feels weak
And no one will listen
To the truths that you speak
Remember that you don’t need to be gentle
You don’t need to be right
You don’t have to surrender
You don’t have to fight.
And there is no force that can make you obey
And there is no reason why you must stay.

good morning (tell me it'll be fine)

Soft moments half-woken when you are something ancient

and the slice of light given is pure potential, hot and raw

stretch, arch your spine and let fists form, ready to battle

feel out the parts of yourself - heart-sick, body-sore.

You fell in love once, and regretted it

you were once someone worth loving

you imagine fire, imagine freedom from this hurt

and all at once, you know it is too late to sleep again.

Someday you will leave, cross your heart and hope to fly

pull up roots grown so deep they tear you asunder,

and believe yourself dawned, born, bright and bliss.

Someday you will love, and it will be sweet and sore,

and you will know not to share parts of yourself

you can never retrieve.

You are selfish and damaged, and you broke your gift

and someday everything

will be alright again.