Replay Replay - Kpop Shirt - Review

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from the store and got my first batch of Fan-Designed Kpop T-shirts, tanks, sweaters, hoodies and everything else wearable I guess.

Products: This store offers KPOP designed tee-shirts. It’s a spreadshirt store, so there are many options and fandoms you can choice from.

Price: The price are reasonable and the products are good quality (offering Gildan). You can pay with Concleaded Cash as well, as long as you contact the store owner first

Shipping: Shipped quickly and arrived much faster than I hoped. A little under 2 weeks,

Customer Service: The store owner is extremely nice and generous (and a huge fangirl ^^). I completely adore and thankful for her to hold the giveaway.

Overall: Since it was a giveaway, I wasn’t able to complete experience what the whole purchase is like. However, since it is spreadshirt - it’s pretty self explanatory (Spreadshirts are the ones that ship and make the t-shirts. ReplayReplay makes the design and handle the CC). I love the store and the designs offer, so once I have the money, I’m totally purchasing from her ^~^

♪(┌・。・)┌ ★★★★★ 5 stars 

The Great Gatsby Review

Don’t worry, I’ll tag my spoilers.

Today, I saw the summer movie I’ve been waiting so long to come out and was sorely dissatisfied. I feel as though this had maybe been because of my extreme love of the book but there had been many things that set me off. Instead of giving you a long winded review on what it could’ve been, I’m merely going to list off what I disliked.

What I disliked:
- The Moulin Rouge feel of the story.
- Nick was treated like a mental patient.
- The jumps between present time (Nick writing his story) to past time (to the actual story) to even more past time (stuff that he shouldn’t even be flash backing too)
- The rap music. Hell hath no fury like mine good damnit
- Gatsby’s Dad never showed up for his funeral.
- The driving scenes, all of them. The engines where loud, it was reckless and it was hard to listen to what was going on conversation wise.
- Old Sport was used so much that I got a headache


Those were so of the major things that ticked me off, but we can’t conclude this with telling you what I enjoyed.

- The sets and costumes where beautiful, Gatsby’s house was just like I hoped.
- Tom is a goddamn asshole and he did such a great job.
- From the party Daisy and Tom attended at Gatsby’s to the end of the film, I was pretty much blown away.
- Nick and Gatsby’s bromance. Finally, a movie gets it right instead of having Nick just be the bystander who happened to be there at the right time.
- GATSBY. My god, Leo was amazing and is my favorite Gatsby to date. Maybe he’ll get an Oscar for this one…

Overall Experience: Fair. While I’ve been disappointed with films, I can plainly say my dislike spawns from the fact that I love the novel so much that anything left out annoyed me. The film was very good and had some amazing scenes, but for me I found some to be a little too much at times.

Recommend for watching?: Yes, but I would let the hype die down first. See it on cheap nights.


KpopBracelets - Purchase and Review

KpopBracelets was one of my first tumblr purchase. A wonderful store filled with many different fandoms, including ones besides kpop (Such as Harry Potter and One Direction)! One my personal favourite (and the store I spend the most money on LOL)

Store: Very easy to navigate. The checkout is similar to any other tumblr store, nice, easy, and quick. It’s really safe, so don’t worry. The products are also organized extremely well.  

Price: Usually 1 inch bracelets are around $6-10 a piece, and that was how much these were orginally. HOWEVER. THE STORE IS CLOSING DOWN GUYS. The current price for these bracelets ranges from $2-3. EXTREMELY CHEAP. YOU WON’T GO WRONG WITH BUYING THEM.

DeliveryThe store owner packages her bracelets really well. She ships them not extremely fast, but not extremely slow. It depends when you buy from her. I purchased both time during sale rush (aka she getting over 100 orders). Despite that, they arrived pretty quickly! She lives in United States, taking two weeks to get to Canada.

Products: Products are at top quality. The wristbands are so pretty. I wear her wristbands almost daily, it’s like my signature LOL.

Overall: One of the best tumblr store out there. She’s extremely nice, the products are well worth the price. With her closing down, I recommend you to go BUY BUY them before she closes down completely!

♪(┌・。・)┌ ★★★★★ 5 stars 


Cassieshinki shop - Store Review

A tumblr store all Cassiopeia should drop by. It’s a beautiful store with merchandises such as wristbands, postcards, pins, photocards, charms and even a spreadshirt just for our gods, TVXQ!

Store: Very easy to navigate. The checkout is similar to any other tumblr store, nice, easy, and quick. It’s really safe, so don’t worry. 

Price: All the prices are extremely reasonable. Keep a look out for sales too, all their sales are a pretty grabber. Sometimes I wonder to myself if they’re even getting any profit from this, the products are so cheap and they offer free shipping from time to time and has so many giveaways, like a lot.

DeliveryThey ship pretty fast. They live in the United States, so I (Canada) usually get the package around 1-2 weeks after, depending on the time of year. The products are really well packaged and protected. I recommend buying “Bubble Wrap” to ensure complete protection, especially when buying pens or pins.

Products: Products are at top quality. The wristbands hasn’t even wear out despite my constant wearing (coughjaejoongcough). The pins are pretty sure as well.

Overall: A seriously wonderful tumblr store, one of my favourite. The store owners are completely nice and honest. Great deals and price. When your package arrives you won’t be greeted only by your products but by cuteness too! Totally go and buy something from this store Cassiopeias! GO. 

♪(┌・。・)┌ ★★★★★ 5 stars 


WongFuProduction “Are You A Nice Guy" Purchase + Review

This is my first purchase from WFP. This was bought as a gift for one of my best friend sweet sixteen birthday. 

Store: The layout for the store is very simple, and it was easy to navigate. The check out process was pretty normal and self explanatory. Beware the pictures of the products are very tempting - you might spend more $$ than you hoped. 

Price: The products are a bit expensive for my taste (even if the products are extremely adorable). The tees are at reasonable price. I personally wouldn’t spend $25+ for a stuff animal, let alone $8 for a keychain. But the products and quality are worth it.

DeliveryShipping took around 1-2 working days. It arrived from United States to Canada after 2 weeks. Nice, fast and reliable. It came well packaged (in a box). Everything was placed extremely well and protected. I paid around $5 for shipping. If you spend more than $75 - for Canadians, you do get free shipping.

Products: Shirt was extremely adorable, arrived in plastic bag, as well as the keychain. The NiceGuy gift bag was a bit small, but fit everything perfectly well. You get four tissue paper, nice guy style.

Overall: Pleased with the purchase, everything was really well done. I will most likely buy from this store again, but not anytime soon seeing that I’m broke. Definately recommend buying from them; especially if you’re a nice girl/guy ;)

♪(┌・。・)┌ ★★★★★ 5 stars 


Yeswalker Purchase and Review

Product Selection: This website has a HUGE range of choices. There are definitely a lot of pick from, especially if you have a thing for cute, asiany stuff. Even if you don’t, there are a lot of elegant, in style bags and shoes there. I personally love this store because it has everything that I want that I can’t find around my area.

Price: They are currently offering free shipping WORLDWIDE. In addition, a Buy one Get one Free promotion! So all the bags are extremely reasonable priced and cheap

Customer Service: They are extremely nice and fast w/ their response. Perfectly answered my questions.

Checkout Process: I love the layout of the checkout. It was so simple and easy to navigate, I had absolutely no trouble with it at all. All of the information about the order and options that I wanted were placed all on one page, very nice. Right after i ordered, a email was send to me to make sure that the order was placed :D 

Delivery Process: My order got shipped within a day and it arrived exactly after 10 days it got shipped. Pretty fast, considering I live in Canada. 

Packaging: My bag came in a nicely wrapped box. It looks so professional and everything. The backpacks were nicely wrapped and were placed in a plastic clear bag to protect it.

Products I bought: Both of the products I bought were both extremely cute. They both are in bad shape now - 4 months after (strapped ripped, zipper ripped ect) due to the fact that I use them for school (2 textbooks, 5 notebooks, water bottle, 2 pencil case, lunch and everything else). Both products are extremely good and strong, but if you carry a lot for school - I recommend purchasing a bit more expensive bag from the site.  

Overall: I seriously adore my experiences with this website. It was quick, easy, and successful. They are having great prices and promotions. I’m currently waiting on two bags, which I’m getting for free due to winning a giveaway. I’m planning on buying again after that too, all which I will do another review for. If you haven’t notice, I ADORE THIS SITE 

(damn me and my bag addictions)

♪(┌・。・)┌ ★★★★★ 5 stars