Lost Customize and Dashboard Button.

Hey there.

If you are one of these guys who lost the Customize and Dashboard buttons on the top right corner and don’t know where to find them, I have the answer! Or maybe one of many answers..

I had the same problem and lost my buttons three days ago. I’ve checked my code piece by piece (copying each block and div itself in the blank page) for errors and found the bug.

If any of you guys lost those buttons check if your {block} Elements are opened AND closed. If it’s not, the JavaScript gets bombed. That’s why the buttons are lost.

I hope this will help. :)


Jessman5™ custom MUSE shoes 002


These are my second official custom MUSE shoes.
They look like the gorgeous «Origin of Symmetry» albumcover.

If there is anyone interested in buying a pair of Symmetry’s write me an email.

Price depends on the blank white shoe itself. You could choose between several different kind of shoes (H&M, Vans, TOMS, KEDS, whatever). I’ll sell them for a minimum of $80/£52/60€.