Right?! And all he said in response to my message that I sent him about it was, “I get it. She’s gone this time, I mean it. You’re more imporatnt” ….HOW is that suppose to convince me? ….This is just bullshit. 

I think that the reason i didnt like daisy from brand new because it was wasnt that high school sing along band i grew up to love it was a more mature band musically minus the catchy phrases and versus. I can appreciate them.more as an adult


@ jessielacey - Ughhh. What is wrong with (some) guys?! They are very stupid.. :/ Plus, I just don’t think they understand how some things are more…emotional, for woman than them. And that’s why they’re sooo…blahhh. And thank you <3 

@ jessplusone - I was, and I told him that, but he sent like a six page text explaining how sorry he was and that he needed to “get straight” because he realized how dedicated and stuff I was…so hopefully things turn better. If not…I’ll probably becoming emotionally unstable. >.< 

jessielacey said:

So I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday because he was being a dick to me and going out every night and all that. So now he's telling people he FINALLY broke up with me by telling people that he told me everything he hates about me. Which never happened.

It really doesn’t matter. Let him say what he wants, because honestly people don’t care and they’re going to forget if they haven’t already. 

I know it’s really annoying, but try to not let it get to you. Hope this helps! Good luck :)