Jessie J’s background singers singing, “Who You Are” by Jessie J.

An all girls mix for getting ready to head out to the party, to play for the weekend, or to celebrate whatever the night brings!

famous (charli xcx) | 22 (taylor swift) | new in town (little boots) | bombastic (bonnie mckee) | y2k (liz) | ba$$in (yelle) | walking on air (katy perry) | 99 tears (sky ferreira) | this is how we roll (fifth harmony) | get lost (icona pop) | who’s that chick? (david guetta featuring rihanna) | goodness gracious (ellie goulding) | prime (allie x) | move (little mix) | sparks (hilary duff) | talking body (tove lo) | baby don’t lie (gwen stefani) | double bubble trouble (m.i.a.) | bang bang (jessie j, ariana grande, & nicki minaj) | all my love (major lazer featuring ariana grande) | sweet talk (samantha jade) | drunk on your love (wynter gordon) | partition [birthday remix] (beyoncé) | luxury (azealia banks) | hypnotico (jennifer lopez) | up n’ down (britney spears) | hang with me (robyn) | better than today (kylie minogue) | your body (christina aguilera) | donatella (lady gaga) | radioactive (marina and the diamonds) | who owns my heart (miley cyrus) | give me all your luvin’ (madonna featuring nicki minaj and m.i.a.) | i really like you (carly rae jepsen) | the night is still young (nicki minaj)

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I think that’s one of the things I like about television and the way that Bryan Fuller makes television is that every episode is a movie. It has the same production values as a film. It’s not shot on the same budget as a film, and it’s certainly not shot in the same time frame as a film, but it just means everyone has to work so much harder. But you know, if you look at any single shot in this show, you could easily play every episode of HANNIBAL on the big screen and it would sell out theaters. Bryan is making mini movies every week.
—  Richard Armitage, interviewed by Jessie Robbins in Return of the Dragon: Richard Armitage talks Dolarhyde on “HANNIBAL” Season Three! (, 27 May, 2015)

Daredevil is so good. I binge-watched it over the weekend and I loved it. When tumblr hypes things up like that it usually drives me to want to avoid it entirely but damn! Agreed, guys. Agreed.

I may or may not have saved the url murdachsund because matt is as cute as a puppy

Anyway, this is really just a heads up that I will be posting Daredevil now. But, as always, it WILL be tagged as such. So blacklist ‘daredevil’ if you’re sick of seeing it on your dash or something. 

Hope you’ve all been having a great week! :) 

playlist for emvxncat based on what ya told me, i think (hope) youll like💗

summery upbeat-ish

florida kilos….lana del rey // when im with you….best coast // marathon….tennis // to catch a thief….lovage // boys….sky ferreira // your drums, your love….alunageorge // how soon is now….tatu // get free…..major lazer ft. amber from dirty projectors // cool…..gwen stefani // send me down…..haim // kathy lee….jessy lanza // send me out….kelela // if youre never gonna move….jessie ware // eyes…..kaskade ft. mindy glehill // hold on….rusko ft. amber coffman // bounce….calvin harris // pharoahs…..SBTRKT // so high (san holo remix)….doja cat // youth (adventure club remix)….foxes // defeated no more….disclosure ft. ed macfarlane // crawlersout….purity ring // heartbeats….the knife

jessiermuellers asked:

What Disney film that has not been adapted into a musical yet, would you like to see adapted into a full blown musical?

Um um um that’s an awesome question. Enchanted. I would love to see that. Okay and I know it’s not Disney but I consider it unofficial Disney, I would love to see Anastasia. That could be soooo cooool.

Let’s play 20 questions, the first 20 asks I get send I will answer, no matter how personal, creepy or sexual

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1. your nickname: linds, lindseybear sometimes

2. your eye color: brown

3. your hair color: brown :/

4. one fact about you: i have 2 brothers, an older half and a younger step

5. favorite color: purple!

6. favorite place: minnesota ofc (my home)

7. favorite celebrity:  scarjo and hayley atwell

8. favorite animal: dogs and my cat

9. favorite song: i found by amber run and st jude by florence + the machine

10. favorite book: i just started a game of thrones so that probably

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