100 In A Year

After visiting I had the idea to try this 100 in a year activity.

Her tasks and goals not only seemed fun but gave me the idea of completing my own. Don’t frown upon me it I copied a few of hers….But mine are listed below! =]

100 in a Year - Liz Inez Edition

Start: October 8, 2012

End: October 8, 2013

1. Save all my $1’s (Current Balance: $23)

2. Visit a strip club (Preferably one in Atlanta)

3. Party on a party bus

4. Tell Jacq how I really feel about her and our relationship

5. Start paying back my student loans before the 6 month deferred payment date is up 

6. Not eat fast food for an entire week (0/7)

7. Add color to my wardrobe

8. Start a Magazine (Envy)

9. Cook dinner for someone

10. Move to Florida

11. Get Baptized

12. Continue building my Sims Collection

13. Read a new book each month (0/12)

14. Blog more

15. Finish one of my unfinished books

16. Go with out my phone for 24 hours

17. Visit my Family in the Delta more

18. Call a relative everyday for week (0/7)

19. Go on a cruise

20. Research Grad Schools 

21. Enroll in a Graduate Program in Florida

22. Try to Extreme Coupon one grocery store trip

23. Try a new restaurant once a month (0/12)

24. Catch up on the complete seasons of LOST

25. Fry chicken for the first time

26. Cook dinner with my mom

27. Send my mom and dad on a romantic date

28. Go to a Beach

29. Go to Miami

30. Take a dance class

31. Take a cooking class

32. Finish Business Plan for Closet Rewind

33. Go to a shooting range

34. Go Roller Skating

35. Go to a casino

36. Don’t eat all day and go to a buffet

37. Attend a Concert

38. Visit my best friend in Baton Rouge

39. Audition for Wheel of Fortune

40. Attend a Basketball Game

41. Go Wine Tasting

42. Go to a shooting Range

43. Do a “It Gets Better” Video

44. Complete a You Tube Challenge

45. Do not use social media for one week (0/7)

46. Complete the around the world challenge at Epcot, Disney World

47. Host a event for all my DSU friends before graduation

48. Send 10 people holiday cards expressing how much I care about them

49. Thank my supervisors at the library for giving me the best job a student could have

50. Tell my parents thank you for dealing with me throughout undergrad

51. Learn to speak fluent Spanish

52. Get a Passport

53. Audition for a television show

54. Write a bucket list (50 things to do before i die)

55. Send a message in a bottle

56. Learn to play piano

57. Kiss in the rain

58. Go Skinny dipping

59. Give Blood

60. Kiss under mistle toe

61. Go Horseback Riding

62. Fly First Class

63. Rode trip to Atlanta

64.  Participate in a 5K

65. Send a message in a bottle

66. Get a tattoo

67. Ride in a helicopter

68. Meet someone Famous

69. Play Golf

70. Go Sailing

71. Delete every ex number

72. Attend a fight

73. Play Black Jack

74. Watch every harry potter movie in one weekend

75. Learn to eat with chop sticks

76. Visit the Planetarium

77. Ride on a train

78. Ride on a motorcycle

79. Solve a Rubix cube

80. Forgive someone who hurt me

81. Write down every sad moment in my life and burn them

82. Make smores

83. Create a family tree

84. Go Paintballing

85. Take a solo trip

86. Visit DASH miami

87. Take pictures in a photo booth

88. Write a love letter

89. Write a childrens book

90. Avoid Summer Love

91. Learn Photo Journalism

92. Watch a Sunrise

93. Fly in a hot air balloon

94. See a drag show

95. Go Kayaking

96. Go Hiking

97. Go Ice Skating

98. Read the Bible more

99.  Eat like a vegetarian for one week (0/7)

100. Thank God everyday 

*IF i’ve repeated a task let me know! will update every time I complete something! =] 

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