Choreographer Travis Wall talks about whether it was difficult to get the chemistry going between Jessica Richens and Casey Askew for their contemporary routine to Hozier’s “Like Real People Do.” Jessica and Casey talk about whether that chemistry came easy since they were a first time partnership. Travis tells Synergistic about the importance of the kiss in the routine and what it represented. Jessica and Casey share why they were in tears after their beautiful performance. Mary Murphy talks about what saved Casey and Jessica. Lastly, Casey and Jessica share what it means to them to make top ten when four were sent home. 

So You Think You Can Dance XI: Top 4 (Finale Part One)

So You Think You Can Dance XI: Top 4 (Finale Part One)

We’ve reached the end of the season. Our Top Four tonight dance for your votes and then…. no one gets eliminated! Next week it’s big grand variety show of dance finale. This is the one place it might behoove FOX to allow SYTYCD a two nighter, but no. Ratings are just that bad. I suppose not losing any of our contestants–even if it’s just for a week, is a blessing enough. Everyone can dance…

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I don’t think anybody understands how beautifully honest Travis’s choreography was last week on sytycd (and of course Jessica’s and Casey’s dancing was brilliant). But he legitimately captured the feeling of being in love. The most magical part being: as soon as Casey’s and Jessica’s lips meet, Jessica’s body melts. That is literally the feeling you get when you kiss someone you love. This was so sappy…. I am so sorry. I need sleep.