masonandmiles asked:

would you pretty please with sugar on top check out my beauty/fashion youtube videos :) i'd make me so very happy because i love your blog! :) you can find a link to them on my tumblr! :) xx jess

Of course! I’d love to:) thank youu, Guys check out her beauty/fashion youtube channel »»>here«« :D

masonandmiles asked:

hey lovely! i just re-started a yt channel! please check it out, there will be tons of giveaways, ootd's, makeup tutorials, hauls, vlogs and much! any feed back on my channel would be amazing! you can see my videos on my tumblr! xx jess

Hi, unless you’re following me, please don’t send things like that to me. I think it’s rude that you’re not following me yet you want me to follow/subsribe/check out things of your’s.