Daylight: The New Jessica Chobot Horror Game

Daylight is a new psychological survival horror game set to launch this 2014. It is helmed by Jarred Geritzen (Studio Creative Head at Zombie Stuidos) and features Jessica Chobot as writer. Basic premise is you wake up in an abandoned, haunted hospital with no memories and only your cellphone as your source of light. If she had an iPhone she’ll have 5 hours’ worth, tops. Now I know there’s a lot more to this game but let’s be honest, most of the buzz is because Jessica Chobot’s in it. As a writer no less.


Ah yes, the Chobot.

There has been some snark about the gorgeous presenter suddenly switching hats. It’s easy to claw at her, seeing as she hasn’t done anything like this before. I’ve just waded through acid over at YouTube. But personally, I like Jessica. My judgement will come after I’ve played the game (It’s less than $20, my kind of price). I don’t know how it could be different from all the other survival horror titles with characters who’ve lost memory and is in an abandoned (insert haunted structure here). But I hear it procedurally generates maps, making the gameplay unique every time. I’m not sure if that’s an over promise but that looks like it could set it apart from the Amnesias and Slendermans. So Chobotnik, I got your back. There’ll be $20 coming from me.

Daylight comes out on PS4.

@Kotaku: Step Aside, Jessica Chobot Licking A PSP. There's A New Scandalous Picture, And It Involves The Wii U.

Tina Amini

Oooh so scandalous.

Courtesy of freelancer extraordinaire (and dear personal friend) Miguel Concepcion and his downright gorgeous cat Sebastian is a hilarious parody of Jessica Chobot licking a PSP. You know the one, right?

This one!

And here are a bunch of other ones, because why would you not want to see more of this scene play out.

My second pick.

This one has the angle down.

“C’mere baby.”

Gentle smooches. Maybe some nibbling.

“Oh god, oh god, I need more.” *nervous cat whine*

“Don’t look at me, you perve.”

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Terrifying new trailer sheds light on the story behind ‘DAYLIGHT’ from Zombie Studios & AtlusUSA!