@Kotaku: Step Aside, Jessica Chobot Licking A PSP. There's A New Scandalous Picture, And It Involves The Wii U.

Tina Amini

Oooh so scandalous.

Courtesy of freelancer extraordinaire (and dear personal friend) Miguel Concepcion and his downright gorgeous cat Sebastian is a hilarious parody of Jessica Chobot licking a PSP. You know the one, right?

This one!

And here are a bunch of other ones, because why would you not want to see more of this scene play out.

My second pick.

This one has the angle down.

“C’mere baby.”

Gentle smooches. Maybe some nibbling.

“Oh god, oh god, I need more.” *nervous cat whine*

“Don’t look at me, you perve.”

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Review Watch_Dogs zoals je nog nooit hebt gezien!

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