Edward: People don’t come back from the dead, Rose. Not ever…not ever.
Rose[collapses to the floor] But he promised me…he said if I prayed, it would happen…A miracle…That hope was all I had left! What am I supposed to believe in now?! Tell me what to do… please…
Edward: I can’t tell you that…You have to figure it out. Stand up and walk. Keep moving forward. You’ve got two good legs, so use them. You’re strong enough to make your own path.

Beyond the path without you
is a forgotten promise to keep.

We may have walked side by side,
but now we go on back to back.

And though our paths may not cross,
all paths are connected somewhere.

When I arrive at where you are,
we may not appear to be as we were…

But we’ll make another promise to keep.

Rika: All of you would truly reject the sinless, beautiful world I was so torn over?

Rena: Yeah. I think this world is far more precious.

Rika: Why do you say that?

Rena: Because we fought to obtain our future in this world! We’re nothing like the people in that world.

Rika: Perhaps living without sin is a sin, in and of itself…

Rena: I don’t think that’s a sin. A flower raised in a greenhouse is still beautiful, even though it knows no adversity. But a flower in the field that has braved wind, rain, cold, and heat possesses something more than just beauty. I’m talking about nothing more than that brand of preciousness.

Rika: But if you had to choose between growing in a greenhouse or in a field…

Rena: Oh, now I understand! You’ve been making a mistake from the start, Rika. There’s no point in comparing an impossible world to this one in the first place. You’re trying to think it from the viewpoint of someone above the flower - someone greater than human.

Rika: Someone greater than human?

Rena: You’d have to be a god capable of travelling between the two worlds in order to debate which one is happier. But a human like Rika, while she may live in both worlds, cannot travel between them. The Rika in the field and the Rika in the greenhouse both exist. And I think both of them are living proudly in their own worlds. It’d be wrong if the one in the field says that it’d rather have been grown in the greenhouse. We’re all flowers. We do our best to grow regardless of where we take root and we all try to produce the best flower we can.

Satoko: Not even a loser would see fit to babble about how it would have been better to have been born into a rich family!


Rena: Comparing two different worlds isn’t something we humans are able to do. It’s up to the gods to fret over the comparisons like that - not us. There’s only one world for us, and things in it are set up so that we can find happiness in it.

Roy Mustang: What brings you here today, General?

Olivier Mira Armstrong: Fuhrer Bradley summoned me, for an extended stay I imagine.

Roy Mustang: Is that so? Well, sometime, we should grab some dinner.

Olivier Mira Armstrong: Your treat? I hope you know I could eat you into bankruptcy.

Roy Mustang: Uh…maybe we should skip dinner then?

Olivier Mira Armstrong: I see. You’re short on both money and nerve, huh?

Sora: Naminè?

Naminè: Don’t worry. You might forget about me…but with our promise, I can come back.

Sora: A promise is a promise.

Naminè: Yes. One day the light - it will be ours, and it will bring us together. Til then - I’ll be in your heart.

Sora: Right. Forgotten - but not lost.

In some great thinker or philosopher’s book I read recently, it said, “Love is life’s greatest event, the one thing worth living for.” Give me a break. That’s what some grown-up womanizer would say, but I can’t even talk to the girl I like. So for me love is nothing but pain and anguish. This unrequited love just plunges my life even further into the depths of hell.