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Dean x reader #34 I love ur work!!!

yaaaaas. keep sendin’ ‘em in guys! Love y’all :) and thank you ;)

#34 meeting at a masquerade ball au

The room you walked into was beautifully decorated. It really could not have been more perfect, and you were glad that you had the chance to be there. The ball room you stood in was huge, and you were happy your college had decided to go with a masquerade themed ball for the dance that everyone always looked forward to all year long. 

Girls walked past in either long silk dresses, or big, beautiful poofy ones. You felt as if you’d stepped into Cinderella, or Phantom of the Opera. The girl’s hair do’s were all wonderfully gorgeous, and if you didn’t also look amazing, you’d have been jealous. But there you stood in a gorgeous red dress at the top of the stairwell, the fabric tight, yet comfortable and soft. Red lipstick painted your plump lips, and you smiled. 

Your hair was curled and hung over your shoulders, and you couldn’t help but feel like a movie star. The whole event felt fancy, and it kind of was. People danced gracefully, rather than the usual grinding you’d seen at just about every dance you’d ever gone to. Granted, the music they’d played at those dances was mostly pop and typical dance music, whereas the songs they played now were slow and required gentle movements.

Men walked by in suits, and you just basked in the glory of it all. Hot boys that were dressed well was always something that made your heart pound. 

The masks that were secured to just about every persons face made the whole room slightly mysterious. You’d lost your friends the minute you’d all walked in, and though you felt abandoned, you also felt free. No one but your friends would really know who you were here.

The whole idea just seemed thrilling. You no longer felt the embarrassment you almost constantly felt. 

Walking down the stairs that you still stood on, you held your head high. Most of the students standing around were either drinking, entranced by the couples dancing elegantly to the music, or talking with their buddies. A few choice couples were poorly hidden in the corners of the room, kissing heatedly and roaming their hands over each others bodies. 

Many people were crowded on the stairwell, and for once, you didn’t have to push past; they simply apologized for standing in your way and moved to give you space to walk. It was great.

One person at the bottom of the stairs was staring straight at you. He wasn’t the only person staring at you, but he was the only one who held his gaze. The other two people who looked at you, you recognized by the man’s height and the blonde curly hair attached to the girl in his arms. It was Sam and his girlfriend, Jess. Sam gave you an uneasy smile after seeing the guy staring at you, and Jess was beaming. Jess was a good friend of yours, as was Sam.

Ignoring the discomfort on Sam’s half-covered face, you continued down the staircase. The man staring at you from the bottom had moved closer so that he was waiting for you on the last step. His mask covered the skin around his eyes, and you admired the detail on it. 

When you reached the bottom of the stairs, he stuck his arm out as a invitation to dance. “Hi,” he smiled brightly and you were taken aback by how lovely it was. “I’m Dean.”

Dean. Why did that name ring a bell? Oh! This must have been Sam’s older brother. He’d already graduated, and Sam had told you that he was going to be here tonight, and that he was a bit of a womanizer.

That must have been why he looked disgruntled when he smiled.

“Hi,” you smiled, taking Dean’s arm. Even with the mask on, you could tell he was handsome. His green eyes shown in the light and you stared into them, enchanted by the magic they held.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” He asked after he’d taken hold of your hand. You two begun dancing and you playfully tilted your head to the side.

“Kind of takes away from the mystery, doesn’t it?” You smiled, and he did as well. 

“You got me there. It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ll learn it eventually.” You smiled as he spun you. 

After the song had ended, Dean led you to the balcony outside of the large room. You sat down on a bench, and he leaned against the railing to the side of it.

“What’s the color of your toothbrush?” He asked wistfully.

You laughed. The two of you had been talking about random things, and he’d brought up Sam, saying that he was his dorky younger brother who had made him come. You laughed at that, telling him that you knew Sam and that he was indeed, the biggest nerd you knew. 

“Umm. Shit.” Giggling, you tried to remember the color of your toothbrush. “Oh! I remember. It’s blue.” You smiled. “Yours?”


Standing up, you stood next to him, also leaning against the railing of the balcony. You stared out at the lights of the city below you. 

The two of you continued conversation for at least an hour, before you turned to look at him with a serious expression.

“Can I..?” You reached your hand up to his mask, asking silently if you could remove it. 

“Name first, princess.” You smiled. 


You lifted up his mask, and stopped breathing the second you saw his whole face. He was the definition of flawless. He was beautiful; literally breathtaking. 

You remembered to breathe when he cleared his throat. “Name?” He was smirking a little.


“Beautiful.” And he lifted your mask as well before repeating it again and kissing you. 

we-hit-rock-bottom said: Hello Jess it is Michael here. You could wright about yourself?

hi michael! yes! ummm i’m 10 and a girl. i like playing superheroes. i always play as spiderman because he is the best! umm oh! my favrite colour is red and i like cats! i dont know what else to say. tell me about you michael! 


Riptide reminds me so much of my two besties and someone else and that’s why I love it and it feels weird for a song not to remind me of myself but also good like it feels really good