Janice's giveaway (RESULTS)

I held a giveaway a month back and the winners are:

1) jesiluvsyou321

2) sakura-wish


Jessica  (jesiluvsyou321) has chosen a 30USD voucher from Amazon, and 30USD has been donated to the charity organization of her choice - National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

Ashley (sakura-wish) has chosen a 20USD voucher from Amazon and 20USD has been donated on her suggestion to UNICEF. Her donation will reach the children in Central African Republic.

A very big THANK YOU to the both of you, and I hope you enjoy the giftcards. To the rest of you, thank you for participating in this giveaway and till next time!

Eeee I’m going to AB too! And this is very similar to my first experience… :D

aww really? hooray for new england con goers!! :>

and lol yeah it was a good experience I guess minus the confusion with the last episode lol

You know how there is that warning on parks that says don’t trespass after dark? Well, listen to it because if you don’t, you will end up running because you see the police and then the police officer will catch up to you because HE IS IN A FUCKIN CAR LIKE THERES NO POINT IN RUNNING. DONT RUN FROM THE POLICE KIDS.