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This is the design blog of Jeselle Obina. 

My goal for this site is to push myself to be a better creative. As a recent graduate with a degree in Advertising, I am going to detail my journey to “making it” as a visual designer. 

What have you done already?

I recently ended my stint at Designation Chicago. There I learned about digital design, industry trends and best practices, and connected with some talented designers. They are the ones who have inspired me to push for a career in design, and even got me to hit the ground running with some live client projects.

Before Designation, I have been an event coordinator, a barista (typical, am I right?), and a traveler. I love design that makes me laugh, or even better, makes me think.

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Jess:”Jeselle you’re the smallest, climb up there and see if there’s a bird in the attic..the noise is driving me nuts.”

Me:”on it.”

Jabari:”See, this is why white people fucking die in all the horror movies…y’all always investigating shit.”


Checked out a catamaran sailboat in DB with Ryan early in the morning and then headed to the plaza and had breakfast at Pacific Coffee.

Normal day at school, but had a dmc with Clement and Jeselle about relationships!

I then went back home and watched Marvel Agents of Shield after walking to the plaza for some subway.

Baguio Day 5

Today is the Baguio Moshpit and the Courageous All Men workshop, all happening in one day! I need to have a lot of clothes bagged.

Early that morning, nagusap-usap muna kami. The weather was so cold. Jesel shared his story sa group nila and the challenges they’ve been through at sobrang na miss nya talaga ang Next Gen. Pumunta sa bahay si Med at nag trade kami ng mga shirts namin.

That afternoon, while the rest had their basketball game, I’ll be attending the moshpit gladly Med is going with me and there I’ll meet, Patrick Mabanta one of the best krumper I’ve known, aside from 1k and with his fam (krump term for group).


I got the chance to know the Baguio krump community and some are members of Amplified Hip Hop. This isn’t my regular krump session; we had bible study – hearing the word of God before starting it. Right after the bible study, they started the session with a 1 on 1 battle and the members are free to call out anyone to battle if no one volunteers then I’ll be the big homie (lead) to decide.

I got to meet Kid 1k, I thought he was just an ordinary krumper but when I saw him dance – there I saw what he is made of, his kill offs are crazy! During the session I got some footage so I can share it to the krump community back in Cebu, something we can learn out from to have a better krumping session. I also had the chance to meet Princess Switch, a sweet girl but when it’s her turn to krump she won’t get easy on you.


Now it’s 6pm I have to be at the convention hall since I’ll be the first one to teach. Me and med went out the moshpit, we shared our thoughts about the moshpit – Med told me that if there are new members in the community everyone must get to basics and everyone is treated with respect, no matter what level you are.

We went in the convention hall but they are still waiting for more people to come by so, I went out for a while to cypher with the bboys just in time for the drills so I got to be with them and we still did the same challenge in SKILLZ, we cypher without touching and if ever one touches the other he must do 5 or 10 push-ups (mad props sa mga honest bboys who touched). Yung challenge ko naman is…mahirap magbboy kapag for krumping yung shoes mo – mabigat sa paa buti di naman ako nakatouch so good job on me.

Ilang minutes ng pass tinawag na ako so we can start the workshop, and there bumaba kami and there was an underground studio, na amaze talaga ako nun! Marami-rami rin ang attendees and the room is full so we started with a prayer and there I started teaching Desinger Drug, after me was a collaboration piece of Keloy & Joseph which they just finished this morning and then its Mike’s turn which he just finished pagstart ng workshop. Mga gago talaga -_-


After the workshop we got to celebrate…


Baguio Day 4

Day 4 it is…so we are done with the performance yesterday. Now it’s time to enjoy our day and to make the most out of it. Last night, we just met Emman and Jesel, Mike’s closest friends way back their Next Gen days. They stayed to where we are at.


Because of too much eating and exploring I got cut short of my budget so I SMS my brother to send me some money over, buti nalang pumayag! Now, I will surely survive. LOL

Mike and the rest went ahead while I and the rest went straight to Session Road to get something to eat, the weather was so good and the food was good too, something that I’ve been craving until now. After eating our first meal of the day we went to find them at the skate park so, we passed thru Burnham and explored there until we finally met the rest. We’ve seen a lot of pedicabs going around the park. It isn’t just an ordinary skate park there are other kinds of amusements inside it.


After enjoying the place we separated with the others and passed thru the market to find some more items to buy, we ate until we got ourselves in SM Baguio. We chill for a bit and talked. The mall wasn’t that big compared to ours in Cebu, the size is katulad lang ng Ayala Cebu.


Later that night, we met the J-newone members, we talked and shared ideas, inuman and billard. Reminiscing the good ol’ days. Iba talaga ang samahan ng Next Gen, J-newone at Courageous.


Hangang bumalik ulit kami sa Night Market to eat and buy more ukay-ukay. LOL