9/30 Quotes -  “I knew Steven as a little boy at Trow-Rico because my family would go there when they were playing music, and little steven was always running around like a maniac. He was the same way when he grew up. Steven was nuts. He had a rocket up his butt, big-time high energy, very hyper. The whole town would come to the Barn to hear Steven’s band.”  -Elyssa Jerret.

An Unexpected Journey || Jerret

Running a hand through his own hair, Barret smiled against the sunlight. Here he was, finally carefree and stable. With someone he was so stupidly in love with, it seemed like his week was only getting better. Barret’s life was always filled with anxiety and stress because of his books. His brothers saw it on his face every day, with deadlines and constant travelling, he knew he wouldn’t be able to have a stable relationship without it being long-distance. But with Jed, it was so much more than that. He was different, and he was still able to move around without settling down just yet. Barret knew Jed was something special. He knew that he’d have to somehow give Jed the first-class experience, because of how special he was to him. 

Dialing a number on his cellphone, he brought it to his ear, smiling as Jed and he walked along. “Hey, get a number 4 ready for me. I’ll be there in like, 2 minutes.” Hanging up, Barret cracked a full smile and kissed Jed’s cheek. “I know a guy, he always sets me up with lunch when I’m busy. It’s all good.” Barret gripped Jed’s hand and began sprinting, hoping he wasn’t running too fast for Jed. He would’ve explained why he was running if there wasn’t a ton of people in front of them. Barret was used to being spontaneous and productive. The amount of adrenaline he’d get just by running through a crowd for absolutely no reason, made Barret’s life what it was today.