Jeppson’s Malort ~ The Spring From Which Chicago-Love Flows on Flickr.

Tommy got his new D700 and he was all jonesin’ to go and shoot some street.

It was cold out.

So cold I knew that I had to wear underwear.

The thought of that brisk Chicago breeze blowing up my pants leg to my nether regions made me shudder.

As usual Tommy was late.

So I plunked myself down on a stool at the Flatiron and started talkin’ with a guy named Tasso.

He was in the company of several lovely ladies from out of town and one of them wanted to drink something ‘Chicago.’

I knew right then and there that Tasso was a man that fate made it a practice to smile upon.

He ordered a round of Malort.

And suddenly everything got better.

It Was Like This

Jeppson’s Malort, anyone? First time I’ve ever seen this for sale in Massachusetts, and on closeout for $5 a piece. I had to clear the shelf.