You might not typically think of Jeopardy! as a source of opinion on the hot-button political issues of the day, but on the Jan. 21 edition of the game show, a saucy clue challenged that perception. Under a category called “Civil” the $800 clue read as follows: “Some opponents of same-sex marriage say, hey gay folks, how about these? Wouldn’t these be good enough?”

The correct answer, of course, is “What are civil unions?”

Jeopardy! dropped some serious truth about how ridiculous it sounds to offer civil unions as a consolation prize. Hell yeah. 

You know you've watched too much AH when…

You say “_____ as dicks” instead of “_____ as fuck/shit”

You freak out at every game ever

You present others with ridiculous scenarios

You trap cows in holes and name them Edgar

You say “I mean YOLO, right?”

You go build a house

You make your middle name “Lazer”

You’re stood upon the Tower of Pimps

You don’t lie, it’s all gonna be murder

You get the achievement that no one wanted you to get

You scream at your best friend

You deny the existence of Pubert Addams

You plan a heist in GTAV and it goes to shit

You burn your friends house with lava

You FreeEdgar2013

You become King 3 times

You eat 12 Lava Cakes

You then throw up the Lava Cakes

You scream at every little thing that happens

You’re gonna get to that block

You start Wormsing it

You’re name is Mongy Wimp Foggler

You push the button

You hit the ground too hard a million times

You have the best laugh ever

You want that belt

You put that shit on a hook and throw it back in to get a bigger one

You make a link to meat spin

You tease it


Your sign says “fuck you guys”

You regret hiring them, sometimes

You “accidentally” killed everyone

You whip your dick out for Uno

You jump over the- SWISS FUCKING CHEESE!!!

Your copy of GTA4 is on your desk

You’re going cakeless

Your goal in life is to be the stupidest motherfucker on the planet

You know for a fact that pandas eat EUCALYPTUS

You do a dig down

You make your own goddamn character

You’re still in the air


Behind the Category - Aladdin on Broadway

We’ve been fortunate to tape Jeopardy! clues on the sets or with the casts of over a dozen of Broadway’s biggest shows. From “Phantom of the Opera” to “Wicked” and most recently, “Aladdin”, our goal is to put the Jeopardy! viewer in the middle of the action of these Broadway hits.

One challenge for us, when we tape with a Broadway show, is to figure out exactly how much we can expect our contestants and viewers to know, as they may not have seen the production. When we approached the producers of Aladdin, we thought this show in particular would provide us with enough material for an entire category, since so many people are familiar with the Disney film, the underlying book/material upon which it’s based, as well as the show’s success, both commercially and at the Tonys. So, the cast members agreed to come in one Friday afternoon, record their clues for us, and then put on a performance that evening.

Our arrangement with Disney Theatrical allowed us to try something unusual…have the actors present Jeopardy! clues, in character, supported by video clips of musical highlights from the actual production. Until now, Jeopardy! had never done this, so it was a little bit of a risk. As you can see from the enhanced production values and engaging game play, the risk paid off. We hope everyone enjoyed the category, and our thanks to the entire production team of “Aladdin on Broadway”.

And who knows what show Jeopardy! will feature next?

Written by Supervising Producer, Rocky Schmidt