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okay so you know the post on tumblr where it said "Do twins realise that one of them was a surprise?" so uh um, which child (like a name was already picked out until they found out it was twins) was actually planned between both the Strife twins and the Crescent twins??

I actually don’t know that post but I’ll take your word for it that it exists. Rokuro was unplanned (dropping the link for the second time in an hour lmao). Though their whole family is kind of a huge surprise party, actually. Sephiroth was surprisingly perfect, because the Mother-oriented Jenovan religion is surprisingly sexist so a first-born son as a sort of heir to the throne was still preferable, and there’s a ton of luck involved with recessive genes for him to wind up with silver hair and cyan eyes. After him I think their parents wanted to give him a sibling right away but had trouble conceiving and turned to medicine to help, but it helped too much and they wound up with triplets (again, all shiny, praise be!). After that I’m not sure if their parents were INTENDING to have another kid at all, but they probably didn’t mind the idea of it and didn’t take steps to avoid it particularly. Lucrecia probably wouldn’t have minded a daughter by that point. Instead she got identical shiny twin boys, which was some piss in her cheerios because you can’t NOT be grateful about that, especially when you believe that having lots of children who can go spread the clan DNA is kinda your job as a mother anyway. But yeah, after surviving the triplets she maybe didn’t even realize for a while that she was carrying twins because either way it was a much lighter load than last time XD They had a boy name and a girl name picked out, and when they did find out it was TWO boys they were like “shit, quick think of a second boy name.”

On a meta level I suppose we all know that Roxas was the unplanned twin. But it’s not like Suzanne could tell which was which when they were still in the womb. Sora came out first by luck, in her view, so she’d never consider Roxas a “surprise.” I dunno how she and their father decided what to call them, though. I guess Sora was the first choice for names since it means “sky,” which goes in theme with Cloud being… Cloud. But I can’t imagine they didn’t put thought into Roxas’ name. I may have to pretend that it has a sky-related meaning in some other language, to make myself feel better.