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Does anyone speak any other languages?

Yeah, but only in vague terms? I’m still not sure what kind of weird Earth/Squeenix hybrid world this is, so I don’t know what the breakdown would be in terms of common languages spoken. There are lots of cool languages and alphabets in various Final Fantasy games, not to mention whatever this chickenscratch is (assuming I’m not just insanely blind and it’s some kind of Japanese cursive they didn’t translate?? >A>;)


*Opens FF wikia in a new tab to BS my way through some musings*

I’m sure there are ancient texts and prayers in other languages for the FF-based religions I’ve decided to implement, so some of the characters probably have varying degrees of proficiency with things like the Cetra or Yevon. Al Bhed is a language and ethnic group in FFX that I’m kind of taking as a given, so Rikku is fluent in that like she is in canon. There’s also a script for an unnamed language of Terra (the FFIX world, not the KH guy) that Zidane can apparently read. So that’s… something. And Tidus and Auron apparently both carry objects labeled in Spiran in canon, so yeah.

On less specific notes, I fancy Olette being extremely good with languages, so she speaks several near-fluently. One of which being whatever it is that Pence’s extended family speaks, because I also fancy him as being bi-lingual. Maybe I’ll attach his heritage to a FF reference, maybe I’ll leave it vague, it’s not uber important at the moment. Relevant post.