valkai asked:

What would Riku's parents' reactions be to Riku telling them about him and Sora, if they even know? Idea: Riku's parents see him and Sora being cute (being boyfriends) and they're confused as hell, and then Riku has to come out to them right there.

Riku and Sora could be married with children and Riku’s parents would still refer to Sora as Riku’s “friend,” if they still speak at all.

Well, maybe not, but you get the idea. Riku’s family vs his sexuality is on the hand that I use to count the number of truly tragic things in Mallverse. I’m a huge sucker for happy endings so I do think I’d like Lucrecia at least to partially come around eventually, but I just feel it would take a long time and still be more just a stiff tolerance than anything.

Timing is really important here. Earlier on, Riku would be shipped off to bible school or worse if they found out. The Car Crash is actually morbidly helpful because Lucrecia realizes how fragile the house she’s built is, how she could so easily lose the family she thinks she has control of, and how in many ways she already has. (Lucrecia is also on the tragedy hand.) So I think at that point she might be more open to… being open, and not immediately shutting down in grief that one of her sons has “chosen” to forsake their extremely conservative permutation of Jenovism (or did I call it Jenovanism? BAH). Which is good because Riku’s blindness is stress related, and she’s stressing him the fuck out. They’re both broken and frightened want so bad to not lose each other. So… Crisis bonding!

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