The Best!! I recommend for every mom out there who isn’t part of the “in group”, or doesn’t force her kid into insane extracurricular activities just because it is “trending”. And especially for the mom who loves her kids and don’t take people’s bullshit! #peopleiwanttopunchinthethroat #jenmann #kansas #overlandpark #momlife #notincrowd #best #ever #mustread #loveit #necessary #noexcuses



“I think that people typically want to ignore their flaws and they think that their flaws are terrible but it’s our flaws that kind of make us who we are and it’s what defines us as, like, beautiful people." 

- Jen Mann

Our “Making Art” series was used by Juxtapoz to sell their “Hyperreal” book. The films they requested featured Alyssa Monks, Jen Mann and Zaria Forman. Check out the 20 part series at and find out more about us at