my really cute kid ;-) by jen linfield photography on Flickr.


Shooting with Brooke Shaden

I have had the priviledge of meeting and working alongside Brooke Shaden who is my opinion one of the most talented and creative people in photography today.  She has pioneered a unique way to look at photoshopping and photography that has really opened up a new world to people who follow her work.  In her class she is open and talks about everything from business to generating your own creative processes.  We were allowed to have some free time to photograph a model that we promptly covered in cake flour and baby powder. It was really amazing to see how differently everyone ended up photographing the same scene, as we were eager to track down the other students after the class and see each other’s results.  Since the class I have kept in contact with everyone from our class, ( including Brooke) and was humbled by the talent that I was surrounded by that day.  If you ever have an opportunity to take one of her workshops I highly recommend it.  She is warm, down to earth and you feel immediately drawn to her as a person.  You’ll make a fast friend in Brooke Shaden and have the opportunity to meet one of the most incredible talents of our time.