“this jen character”? don’t you ever disrespect jen again.

jen johnson is

not that i need to say anything else to you, but you’re going to enjoy these gifs because you need to learn some fucking respect for arguably the best player to ever play big brother. (for the record, the only other person in contention is renny martyn, before you try to even spew your dan gheesling bullshit at me.)

it seems like you’ve fallen into jen’s trap…

hopefully this post serves as a lesson to you

meanwhile, the rest of us are sitting here reading your posts like…

lisuli79 asked:

Really Alan, your essays are fall better written than the original movie plot, the motivations, the insightful thoughts on each character.. Of course these characters are Jen Lee's property and she can do whatever she pleases with them, only, i wish she could have talented people like you working with her team, then we would not have poor plot twists like we have experienced. That's all.


Your words are flattering beyond belief. Yours and everyone else’s who has complimented my essays, my writing, and my insight on these interesting, amazing characters and what could be achieved with them. Thank you, Eli and all of you out there making this guy feel important, appreciated, and worthy of being considerate to write on the sequel of Disney’s most successful movie <333333333

Thank you all^^

Bonus pic

I doodled Jens with a character whose mun ended up treating me very badly. My friend suggested I change it since I’ve been doing good work taking out the trash, so to speak.

Jens/Jeromy is otp

pyrynn asked:

Hey for that character ask meme what about jen 8V


8LLL Yes

Three things we have in common:

  1. We both enjoy singing!
  2. We both have gotten involved in very harmful relationships, but for one reason or another still go back to the source of said harm
  3. We both have uncommon sorts of scars

Three things we don’t have in common:

  1. Oh my word how I wish I was as physically capable as she is
  2. Can we talk about how jealous I am over how she lives in a spaceship
  3. She looks delightful with her hair in a bun! I do not :L;

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rolls in late I LIKE EVERYTHING YOU DO WITH YOUR CHARACTER. and I mean it. you know cutler so well; his history, his motivations, his thoughts and feelings on certain things. you understand him SO deeply and it's really inspirational to see tbh. I can tell that you connect with the character and that you adore him, which takes your already amaZING writing to a whole new level. just always shouting praise to the heavens about you okay, you're so wonderful stephanie <33

Tell me what you like best about how I write my character.

omg jen, the fact that you think so MEANS SO MUCH TO ME OKAY. you’re such an amazing writer and you manage to capture the many different and unique voices for each muse of yours, and i honestly have NO IDEA how you even do it omg. I HOPE YOU REALIZE THAT YOU’RE JUST AS MUCH OF AN INSPIRATION TO ME, ilysm. ;u;

Welcome to the hellmouth, Jen!

Congratulations, you have been accepted for the role of Stefan Salvatore. You said Stefan is your absolute favorite character to play, and it shows! You have a clear passion for all aspects of his personality, as shown in your multiple excellent samples, and you seem to feel just as strongly about things as Stefan himself. We’re excited to see you bring even more sides of him to life! Please refer to our checklist for further instructions, and send in your account within 24 hours. Should you need an extension, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you again, and we’re so thrilled to have you!

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Gosh he is such a gorgeous puppet >//////< Su Huan Jen is the main character of Pili, a Taiwanese puppet show with Wu Xia elements. It’s funny, me and my sister have seen a couple of seasons, and we don’t even understand Mandarin lol. It’s one of those times where I wish there would be english subs for this awesome show.

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I knew it [Still not Jen]

My character has been feeling unwell and trying to hide it. Your character finally catches mine in their lie. Send me “I knew it.” for my characters reaction to yours finding out.

    “I swear, I-I’m Fi-”

But the reassurance is cut off by the loud
Sneezing fit that follows, and she lets out
A groan, pulling her sweater tighter around
Her body. Yeah, she feels like hell.

   “—Just don’t tell Quil. He
       Can be a bit o v e r b e a r i n g.”

Diary Entry-Jen-chan

(This is a diary entry from my character Jen-chan a short little clip about her day having something to do usually about her fellow pack mates or her brothers specifically what kind of trouble everyone has gotten into that she has to undo as Alpha)

Today is proving interesting some old friends of Astra’s one of the Pride girls came to visit.They know about magic and all that having powers of their own but they haven’t seen the new Astra yet so they were a bit surprised by her new magic and the fact that not only does she have wings but she can shift into a gold lioness they seemed to accept this pretty easily until Toya walked in through the door in his white tiger form and shifted back to human.Fun fact about Toya he used to have smaller magic of his own not as much as his younger sister Astra though but he gave it up to save his best friend slash boyfriend so he was basically magic-less but not anymore this seemed to through them off a bit and make things confusing well while all this was happening Max one of our resident gold color wolves and master of illusions (no really his powers are illusions)  decided he was hungry and was going to cook himself something to eat instead of heat something up or make something microwavable. Another fun fact neither Roxy nor her twin Max can cook for beans Roxy even managed to mess up cold cereal which Max still holds against her for pouring juice on her cereal and milk in her glass.So the next thing you know the entire house which is three stories high plus a huge basement is filled with smoke and everyone had to open all the windows and doors through out the entire house and get outside.When you have heightened senses smoke really bothers you when you burn something. And to make matters worse some idiot called the fire department as if having people with powers of fire, water, ice and more can’t handle a little burned food we had to reassure the human firefighters that no it wasn’t a fire and no we didn’t need help it was just a little smoke (mixed with magic of course but they don’t know that).They finally left and the house finally got aired out and Astra’s friends finally came to terms with her and Toya’s new powers and abilities.All in all it could have been much worse now if only we could get rid of the lingering smell of something having been burnt to a crisp from the kitchen.

-Jen-chan out

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Dakeenika Jennings! The best fandom ever ^_^

Oh my god.

Favorite Male Character: Me because Merlin

Favorite Female Character: Dakeenika Jennings

Least Favorite Character: N/A

Favorite Ship: Eenika

Favorite Friendship: Dakeenika Jennings

Favorite Quote: Anything Heena said probably

Worst Character Death: Dakota going AWOL on fb

This made me so happy you have no idea Message: All the Dakeenika Jennings moments

Saddest Moment: Idk. The character death I guess :o

Favorite Location: Facebook obviously

*just answers Dakeenika Jennings for all of it*

Send me a fandom!