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Jemma tells Fitz she loves him (verbablly) for the first time. P.S I hope you have fun during your vacation!

(Thank you!)

“Jemma,” he tries.  She’s curled up on the couch, barely awake but she’s got a simulation running and she’s decided that she needs to be there when she finishes. “Jemma, it’s three in the morning.  The simulation still has seven hours to go.”

“Exactly!” she says brightly.  Or tries to–the effect’s kind of ruined by the massive yawn. “Only seven hours to go.”

“Jemma, you need to sleep.” Fitz leans over to press a soft kiss to her cheek and notices the way that she instantly co-opts his arm as a pillow. “The simulation’ll still be there in the morning.  Promise.”

“But it won’t be the same,” she pouts at him. Actually pouts, and it’s adorable.

“It will.  I’ve set a minion on it and they’ll come wake us up if anything important happens,” he tells her firmly. “If you go to bed now, I’ll even make pancakes in the morning.”

“Chocolate chip?” she asks suspiciously.

“Of course.” He holds out his arms to her, offering to pull her up, but she just snuggles into him and makes a happy noise that sounds a little like purring as she plants a kiss at the open collar of his shirt. “Jemma?”

“Hmmm?” She’s kissing his neck now and he remembers that a sleepy Jemma is a handsy Jemma and as remarkably tempting as it is to kiss her back, a Jemma who didn’t get enough sleep because he kept her up all night is a terrifying thing.

“You.  Bed.  Now.”

“Okay,” she grumbles and lets him scoop her up and carry her to their bunk.  She nestles against his shoulder like she’s always been meant to fit there and she’s warm and soft and perfect in his arms and in that moment, he feels like he’s never been luckier, just to have Jemma Simmons in his arms for this one minute. “Fitz?”


“I love you,” she whispers happily, like it’s the simplest thing in the world.  Like she’s said it a million times before and maybe she has.  Maybe she’s been saying it along with every sandwich, every look, every “Oh Fitz”, every brush of her hand against his shoulder.  And maybe he’s been saying it back before he even knew she was saying it.

“I know, Jemma,” he whispers back. “I love you too.”

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