Learning to draw fishybones while developing a second painting. I had something more symbolic looking in some of the super-early thumbnails, but it just didn’t feel very creepy. If the bonefishies were cute and simple, the lone jellyfish would feel too at home with them.

So anyway what I’ve found drawing bonefishies: start with a windsock, give it a jaw, locate the three chunkybits of the headmouth, find the eye, flesh in the rest. It’s not 100 percent accurate at all, but it’s convincing enough for this little illustration.

The jellyfish, on the other hand, was very easy once I found the right candidate. Little baby stingless is very cute, and will be very Shiny.

This picture is suuuuuper inspired by Daniel Benmergui’s indie game Today I Die. I played it a long way back and it’s always stuck with me, particularly the imagery in the first puzzle.

Midnight Parrotfish, Scarus coelestinus.

This parrot fish comes in blue or black. Their heads lack scales, and feature a blue band between the eyes. These fish live in tropical coral reefs in places like Bermuda, Florida, and Brazil.

The Midnight Parrotfish feed on algae growing on the coral reefs. Parrotfish get their name from their specially adapted teeth, which look like a parrot’s beak. This adaptation (a physical characteristic or behavior that helps an organism survive), helps the fish to scrape algae from the coral. This is an important ecological function because if there were no parrotfish, the algae could grow so thick that it would suffocate the coral.

[video via expertvillage]