[050115] VIXX Mall Appearance in Manila,Philippines

A great start of my month of MAY .. I finally saw my one of my BIAS GROUP.. VIXX I just can’t stop spazzing when I saw them walking and going to the stage. My feels just like OMG my heart is OMG ~ XD

I see their wild sexiness and cuteness 
Ravi’s coolness and manly voice
Leo’s coldness and cuteness and sexiness (he always drink water / i wish i was the bottle xD)
Hongbin’s hotness and deeply dimple and cuteness (his laugh)
N’s hotness and darkness skin (and OMG his Hand !~ *-* , he is darker than me tho’ I got surprised)
Hyuk’s manly voice and widely shoulder
Ken’s nose and manly voice and sexiness

VIXX ~their hotness was overload ~!


Jelly Fish Entertainment has never failed me!

I adore this song so much, its very well composed. The artist at Jelly Fish have true amazing talent and in this song you can see each artist true raw talent. I LOVE THIS!


Seo In Guk ft. Park Hyo Shin ft. Lee Seok Hoon ft. Sung Shi Kyeong ft. VIXX - Because It’s Christmas