If you don’t hear from me, I’m falling off the map for the next month or so. I will be at every wedding convention the great state of Texas offers until mid February. #jellifi #iwillsurvive (at San Antonio, TX)

holy moly you guys, i started working out (my way, which means downloading kinect training for my xbox) and i don’t think my legs have every been this jellified like i stopped and was like “okay down i go” and just dropped to the floor and was like “alright i guess i’m gonna stay here for a minute” cause i couldn’t move my legs IT WAS AWESOME. 

i love feeling sore because it means i actually moved my body and did something worth while. 

lordhayati asked:

I wish there was a way I could draw. I would draw PinkBuizel in jelly world being jellified. xD You're so awesome.

That would be amazing x3

I really like the jelly color, not just on my ‘sona, but I’ve always liked the Jelly color on Neopets. I just don’t have the lab ray to get myself one :P