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anonymous asked:

if you were playable in smash bros, what would your special moves be?

Good question!

neutral B: Jellify: attempt to jellify oppoment in front of me. small range, if it connects, Control input is altered for 3 seconds. 4% damage. Variations: Counter-jellify (jellify as a counter), long range (long rage, but no damage), chocolatify (slows character, no control distortion, 2% damage).

UP+B: Stretch: Use arms as a Pseudo-Slingshot, into enemies/ledges. can be aimed before firing. The closer the enemy is, better damage. (max, 14%, minimum: 3%.) Variations: super sling (farther reach, but no damage), jellification (successful hit induces jellification, 5% damage regardless), Choco-head (short range, can only damage oppoments via the arm stretch, and not by slingshot, 20%)

Down+B: Liquidate: Attempt to melt into the ground to avoid attacks. Hold B to dive for longer. Does not counter, nor deal damage. It can induce tripping while liquid. Varations: Glacius uppercut (do uppercut upon reforming, very very slow, no sustain, 9%), Liquid dive (Inputting direction or dashing will let you dive into the ground, and reform a small distance away),  Jellify dive (upon reforming, you can jellify oppoments, cannot sustain dive)

side+B: Katana Slash: turn arm into a sword, and attempt to slice oppoments! Damage: 10%. Varations: Quickdraw (very fast, 6% damage), charge slash (hold to induce jellification, slower execution), and Parry (Increased priority, induces Jellification upon cancelling an attack, 4% damage otherwise).

FINAL SMASH: Lord of Desserts: Transform the WHOLE STAGE into desserts, along with everyone (except allies). physics of the stage go out of whack (with jelly flooring being slippery, choco being slow, ice cream slowly damaging), along with the jelly status effect. those directly hit by the spell take 25% damage. In addition, bouncing off the stage and such sends you a LOT further than usual, and jumps off stage are bigger.

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