If you don’t hear from me, I’m falling off the map for the next month or so. I will be at every wedding convention the great state of Texas offers until mid February. #jellifi #iwillsurvive (at San Antonio, TX)

We made a huge jello shot in a bowl (so it’s not really a shot but whatev) and it was gonna take 4 hours to jellify but it’s so cold we stuck it on the window ledge and it was jello in 20 mins. I have never seen such as this. The 8th wonder of the world.

Queer Fat

Look. Look at the dead matter of the fat self
Massive and bitchy in the pulpy paradox
Of these jellified conch fluids. O. Look
At the groundless illusion of voluptuous soup
Spurting in the gurgle of my mouth. Look
At my mouth like it’s an opening in your chest.
Look. Look as I cut my own body that is you.
Look into the perverse horizon so wrongly
Inside of our beast eyes wounded and blind
Inside of my face. The body surruptating
Its many chunky limbs into a venomous
Illusion, creeping like pasta across the floor,
It clutches the conch, the corpse, the sedimented
Object into its own burrowing and boiling self.
Look. Forget about the gut stuff, the poisonous
Haggis. Look. Forget about the deep fry. The fold
Of fat grows on the exhibitionist pig body always
Already is in this field of violence. Look how the pig
Grows organs that are both its and yours, yours
Especially when heartless, these, my vein visions.

This nail art by @cassis_p is amazing!

"Another stained glass mani using #dancelegend Wow Prism & #moyoulondon combo😆✨ This time I only used @dancelegendofficial Steel Panther and leadlighted with homemade jellies. I haven’t used leadlight technique for ages!👀 Stamping plate is @moyou_london Gothic 09 & 10, and the stamping polish is @mundodeunas Black💕 I’m so in love their Gothic plates (expansion pretty please?😉) I made the colours bold by jellified few times, but I shouldn’t have, because the sparkles are subdued a bit😭 Tutorial will be up when it’s ready👌✨" via @PhotoRepost_app