Hello there. Welcome to OBTumblr. How did you hear about #CloneClub? Maybe a friend told you to binge watch Orphan Black. Maybe Tatiana Maslany is taking over your dash. Maybe you haven’t seen the show yet, but you’re madly in love with Cosima, and seek help.

It doesn’t matter how you heard about #CloneClub, what matters is that you’re here now, considering a membership.*

*There are no hidden fees …aside from this one:

What is #CloneClub?
#CloneClub is the chosen name of the Orphan Black fandom, one of the greatest fandoms on the internet. But don’t listen to us, hear it from actual members:

How do I join #CloneClub?
If you watch Orphan Black and you love it and you tell other people to watch it and love it, you’re in #CloneClub. It’s that easy.

Where can I watch Orphan Black?
Here is a comprehensive list of all the places you can start your OB BINGE:

Anything I need to know before I start watching?
Clear your schedule. Once you start, it’s hard to stop.

Why is the ‘Tatiana is Everyone’ thing a thing? What is a Tatiana Maslany?
Tatiana Maslany is the star of Orphan Black. She plays seven people. (Collect all seven!) The acting feat you are about to witness is truly mind-blowing  – you’ll start to wonder who else Tatiana is playing. Is your boss Tatiana? Is your mom? What about that dehydrated house plant? It’s hard to know. She could be anything. She can play you, better than you play yourself.

The fandom tends to get carried away with this conceit, in the best ways possible.

What is UP with that blonde clone? What a creeper.
HEY. Give crayclone a chance. She’s actually very adorable.

I saw some Orphan Black posts about Jell-O. What’s that about?
Just go watch.

Any other OB material should I check out?
Pre-show: The Latecomer’s Guide to Orphan Black, the TV Phenomenon You Probably Missed

During your binge: Orphan Black The Binge Watcher’s Support Group

Post-show: The Hive Recaps Awesome episode insights straight from the Orphan Black writers’ room.

That is a good decision.