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From Character themes

Jeigan is a variation of the enemy attack music from FE1, and what an interesting rendition this is. From the moment the bass kicks off I am immediately drawn into it as there is something about that sequence being played over and over again which is strangely exciting.

However the most interesting part about this piece is how it will switch into a swing style and goes as far to become chill and laid back, the last thing you would really associate with an enemy attack or the sturdy old Paladin Jeigan himself. I suppose that is where I would start to question this piece in that I don’t really feel this fits the character. To me the music that better fits Jeigan would be the knight’s oath arrangement. So this brings the question, what kind of music or sounds do you think represents Jeigan well?

If you have any thoughts regarding this piece then go ahead and ask, or leave a submission.

Happy Listening!


anonymous said:

If you've played the 1 and 3 remakes, could you possibly do Wolf?

have played the remakes, but I’m more familiar with SD than L&S; I’ve only finished HoL&S one time to date.  I’m going to make an assumption and say that if I put down what I think of Wolf in SD, they’ll add the L&S part.

Wolf - Shadow Dragon

Wolf is the only prepromote in Shadow Dragon that I like.  Lorenz is terrible, Jeigan is the reason we have the archetype in the first place…they’re all just bad.  Wolf is a beacon of hope for prepromotes everywhere.  Well, actually, Wolf and Sedgar both.

Let me point out some things about Wolf’s growths:

  • If you make him a Warrior or Berserker, his HP will increase by 2 every level, and his Str will increase by 1, possibly 2.
  • If you make him a General, his Def will increase almost every level (90% growth).
  • His Skl growth never drops below 85, and his Spd growth never drops below 60.

So, long story short, Wolf starts out ~ehh~ with some pretty sorry bases, but if used, he’s just about guaranteed to cap Str, Skl, and either Spd or Def depending on which you choose to emphasize.  In SD, Def is pretty much what you want, so the fact that he can accumulate it so easily makes him just about broken.  Best non-unique-weapon-using unit to take on Medeus with  (Sedgar isn’t as likely to cap everything).

anonymous said:

I hear some people can take Titania up to the last PoR chapter and the Tower in RD, but I'm guessing mine always had pretty bad rng luck then... could you do an analysis on her?

Path of Radiance

Honestly, I keep bailing on Titania for Kieran in this game.  Her stats are subpar.  On average, you’re looking at a -5 Str and a -5 Def deficit if you choose Titania over Kieran.  That’s because Titania is this game’s Jeigan.

Giving her the Knight Ward makes her fast, just like the rest of the Paladins, but her Str needs an item-related buff.  She looks like she’d be best suited to taking on pegasi, and I guess mages (her Res is +3 on Kieran on average).

I will make an attempt on her eventually, but right now I see her as a temporary unit who covers your flanks and chips enemies in the earlygame to help bolster the battle abilities of your other units.

Radiant Dawn

Okay, last time she was a Jeigan, and this time she’s an Oifaye.  She caps Str immediately as a Paladin, already dropping her total growths under 300%, so she needs Blossom or BEXP ASAP.  Her Def growth is still weak, but this time she builds Str, Skl, and Spd quickly, so she’s kind of like a mounted Myrmidon who switched to axes, if that makes sense.  Or a mounted Hero.  Whichever one of those floats your boat.

If used, Titania will be the first Merc to third tier, no doubt about it.  Because of that, if she’s not held back to Blossom/BEXP train, she will be an exp vacuum and inhibit other Mercs’ growth.  You’re looking to cap Str, Skl, and maybe Def before promotion, to give her the drop on reaching her third tier caps.

When she hits third tier, the caps move, and she starts over, but she still wants to be using Blossom to pace her levels.  She’s very capable of being level 8 Gold Knight before P4, but we don’t want that; it leaves her too little room for leveling through P4 and the tower, so Blossom, please.

With Blossom, her Str will cap at around level 6 Gold Knight, her Skl will follow, then Spd.  When she caps those three, pull her out of frequent battle and try to push her exp to just under leveling up for a while, to get some solid BEXP levels.  You’re looking to push that Def to capping, so that the other stats can follow.

In RD, Titania is a possible candidate for all-capping, she just takes a lot of care.  She’s not a personal favorite, but she’s very viable this time around.  In fact, if you want a Gold Knight, she’s pretty much the candidate.