YEAH i did another silly awakening thing for nozmo because she is a ridiculously amazing person and drew me TWO fantastic pics for our trade uvu

but yeah can we just… talk about how frederick wears a freaking suit under his armor and is actually a combat butler?

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From Character themes

Jeigan is a variation of the enemy attack music from FE1, and what an interesting rendition this is. From the moment the bass kicks off I am immediately drawn into it as there is something about that sequence being played over and over again which is strangely exciting.

However the most interesting part about this piece is how it will switch into a swing style and goes as far to become chill and laid back, the last thing you would really associate with an enemy attack or the sturdy old Paladin Jeigan himself. I suppose that is where I would start to question this piece in that I don’t really feel this fits the character. To me the music that better fits Jeigan would be the knight’s oath arrangement. So this brings the question, what kind of music or sounds do you think represents Jeigan well?

If you have any thoughts regarding this piece then go ahead and ask, or leave a submission.

Happy Listening!


final-mazin-blade said:

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1.) First game

FE9. My sisters bought it for my birthday not knowing that I’d slowly become an utterly obsessed fanboy.

12.) Favorite prepromote

Prince Shanan because he can kill pretty much anything he wants to, and his evasion is pretty fun.


He can also dodge Ishtar’s Mjolnir.

23.) Favorite support affinity

Earth. Try having Oscar support Ike and Tanith. Watch as nothing ever fucking hits him.

27.) Advice you’d give to a newcomer

Don’t be so eager to bench your Jeigan at the earliest possible moment.

anonymous said:

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2. Favorite game

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Due to the lack of tutorials, the difficulty level, and the unusual game mechanics, it’s a tough game to pick up and start playing. Once you get the hang of things, it’s a gratifying experience in which you get to take down many powerful foes. As an enthusiastic “FE4 propaganda” blog I could talk your ears off about how great a game it is.

8. Favorite lord/lady

Seliph! He’s already a useful unit before he gets the Tyrfing, and he’s an absolute monster after he gets it. I couldn’t tell you exactly why, but for me, he’s one of the most satisfying lords to watch as he quickly grows into a killing machine.

27. Advice you’d give to a newcomer

Anyone who says that Jeigans (crutch unit paladins) suck doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Their early game contributions make life so much easier and there’s really no reason not to use them. Even though it is true that some of them are doomed to become obsolete, the EXP they “steal” from the rest of the team isn’t going to screw you over later. It wasn’t until I tried FE6 hard mode and FE7 Hector hard mode that I fully appreciated Jeigans.