usscaptainkirk asked:

grantaire drew himself jehan and combeferre as dinosaurs and they all got tattooes of the them. Actually r probs drew all of the amis as dinosaurs and they all got them tattooed on their arms how cool would that be?

(Oooohhh this is going to be FUN! Each dinosaur was selected by Grantaire based on which he thought they were most like. It was nonnegotiable.)

Enjolras: Iguanadon, aka a constipated t-rex.

Combeferre: Triceratops, on account of the fact it’s his favourite.

Courfeyrac: Dilophosaurus, because those fuckers are colourful and more than once R and Courf have reenacted THAT scene from Jurassic Park with an umbrella.

Jehan: Stegosaurus, as it’s a cute vegan type but haS AMAZINGLY SCARY BODY ARMOUR!!!

Bossuet: Corythosaurus, as it looks like it has a mohawk and the irony is not wasted on Grantaire.

Joly: Pterodactyl… Joly just really likes pterodactyls, that’s all.

Bahorel: Giganotosaurus, because Baz is a huge carnivore.

Feuilly: T-Rex, the raddest most popular dinosaur.

Grantaire: Icthyosaurus, as he too likes swimming and has eyes like Steve Buscemi.

Give me a plus sized Cosette who rocks it. 

Give me a freckled Enjolras in glasses who rocks it. 

Give me a four foot nine Jehan who rocks it. 

Give me a Joly in a prosthetic leg who rocks it. 

Give me a tubby-bellied Combeferre who rocks it. 

Give me a broken-nosed Grantaire who rocks it. 

Give me amis who rock their “flaws” and love themselves just the way they are. 

Everyone is beautiful just as they are. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I hope you’re having a gorgeous day. xoxo

soulmate au where jehan has "floral shirts are so not punk, punk” in italics because ‘parnasse had been noticing him at this lecture or whatever and just had to lean over and whisper to him, and that’s the story of why jehan started wearing clothes with floral patterns. (‘parnasse has you’re not very punk, punk,” and has spent his entire life being deeply and personally offended.)