Name: Mellan Smee
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Occupation: Bartender at The Jolly Roger
Faceclaim: Jeffrey Wright
Status: Open


Mr. Smee from Peter Pan

Bio Teaser

Smart but hopeless is perhaps the best way to describe Mellan Smee. As a boy, he was a bright student and had promise of doing great things in his life. But his nervous stutter and clumsiness made him more the target of bullies than anything. He was an immense people-pleaser and would laugh along with those mocking him, hoping to be seen as less of a joke, but nothing ever really seemed to help. Mellan withdrew and focused more on his studies, closing himself off in his room in the small flat he shared with his parents. They weren’t really sure what to do about their son’s closed-off demeanor, but until he’d come to them for help they simply allowed him to live his life as he wanted. Mellan was well on his way to university, eventually moving out of his home and getting a job at a local market in London. While he went to school during the day, he often found himself alone with his nose in a book; in the evenings while he worked stocking shelves, Mellan would do everything he could to avoid contact with customers or even his fellow coworkers. Most people saw Smee as rather odd, but harmless. Which is probably why, even in his early twenties, he was still a target for those bullies that had never really grown up. One day a gang of boys at least ten years his junior decided it would be fun to mug him while he was looking for his keys in his coat pocket outside the convenient store. After a few well placed kicks that had him curled up on the grown, he started to plead for mercy and hoped they would listen. However, that’s when he heard a voice off on the other side of the street that hollered at the boys and caused them to scatter. Mellan looked up through broken glasses as a hand was thrust out to help him to his feet, and that was the first time he felt like he had a friend. The boy was around the same age as the others that had just run off, still much younger than Mellan, and helped dust the young man off. Smee introduced himself, and then the boy did the same, revealing his name to be James Hook. Smee felt obligated to thank the boy and asked how he could repay him, and James cheekily replied that he needed a new pack of smokes. Little did James realize that Mellan was being sincere, and the very next day, he was outside of the shop as James was walking through the neighborhood; he handed over several packs of cigarettes to the boy, thanking him once again. He knew boys like Hook back in grade school, confident and popular, people he had always admired for their fearlessness. And Smee wasn’t sure what it was about him that James took a liking to, but the two quickly became friends and partners in crime.

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Alternate FC Option(s)

Nonso Anozie, Joe Mantegna, Kent Avenido, Jorge Garcia

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