jeffrey campbell boots



I have two great loves in this world: shoes and books. I wanted to have some fun combining these two ideas, so I decided to grab a pair of old boots and the book that started it all: SHATTER ME. It’s a story about a girl with a lethal touch; but at its core it’s a book about a girl with a fractured heart and mind, and how she learns to put the pieces of herself back together. These shoes are about just that: proof that not only can you recover from being beaten and broken, but you can take what’s left and become something even more beautiful. Something that shines.

Enter: SHATTER ME Shoes.

I created these boots using a pair of dearly loved but worn-to-bits Jeffrey Campbells (Brisbanes - original here), about 50 broken mirrors (purchased from my local craft store), and some really intense adhesive

hope you guys have fun crafting (and reading!)!