This is so big!!!! This is huge! I cannot handle myself right now!!!! @jscandalp was on the C TRAIN all but waiting for me on my commute home! This man is SUCH AN INSPIRATION and an outstanding, pure talent. I do the work so that I may one day be the kind of actor that he is! You may know him as Cyrus Beene from Scandal. He had my attention from “mother of God” and I have not been able to look away since. He is the originator of the jeffyjumble recipe, He is a founder of Steppenwolf Theatre, he played Thatcher Grey on Greys anatomy, he is married to the brilliant casting director for scandal, Linda Lowy (she was sitting down when we took the pic) and I FREAKING LOVE HIM! JEFFFFFFFF PERRYYYYYYYYYY!!! #alexinthecity #actorboner #cyrusbeene #steppenwolf #thespionage #iaostpassedout #scandal #shondaland #jeffperry

Emmy Nominations

So Kerry Washington is nominated for best actress in a drama series….yeeeeeeees! This is well deserved and I really hope she wins. She was absolutely amazing in both season 1 and 2.
Glad that Dan was recognized for his amazingness too!!

Now I was shocked to see that Mariska Hargitay was not nominated because last season was a great season for her but I’m not angry about it.

Shocking was Perry and Diaz not getting nominated because they were amazing both sseasons so that was shocking.  I honestly wasn’t expecting a nom for Young or Goldwyn because A. Young honestly hasn’t made an impression in either season . B. Tony was gone for three espisodes and then in a coma for a couple more so even though when he is on screen he is absolutely amazing I didn’t expect an emmy nom for acting. I did expect one for directing though.