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Korraaa! Animation!
I had abit more in mind to add but maybe i’ll make a part 2.

Kinda experimenting, kinda having fun
Man, I really need to learn compositing OTL

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My ‘Jump’ animation, now in colour~
That was an interesting experiment.

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House of Marley: The Get Together
I did some FX animation for this!

Psy-Op Production Credits:
Lydia Holness - Executive Producer
Ryan Mack - Producer
Nick Read - Producer
Gerald Ding - Psy-Op Creative Director
Nile Saulter - Director of Photography
Eddie Grams - Second DP
Cass Vanini - Editor
Hye Sung Park - Art Director
Jamal Otolorin - Lead Animator
Jeffrey Lai - Animator
Hyun Song - Animator
Maxim Kornev - Compositor
Ron Sudul - Colorist, Nice Shoes


Toonboom doesn’t have gif export :( 
but! there’s always a way round that!

I have a bigger version on my DA. link
(and the fps makes the transition abit nicer) 

Thought i’d upload the frames I drew, since some people like that sorta thing!
(I know I do)