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I am watching John Adams on Amazon. David Morse looks so much like portraits of George it's amazing.

Whoever was in charge of putting together the cast for HBO’s John Adams miniseries deserves a ton of credit. When I read about the Founding Fathers, I see the actors who played them in John Adams. It was perfect casting, beginning with John (Paul Giamatti) and Abigail (Laura Linney), but I absolutely loved Tom Wilkinson as Benjamin Franklin, Stephen Dillane as Thomas Jefferson (he stole almost every scene he was in), and definitely David Morse as George Washington. Morse has always been one of my favorite actors anyway and the makeup job was so good that he was a dead-ringer for Washington, but what really set things apart was the fact that Morse’s Washington carried himself in the way that we believe Washington carried himself. I would gladly donate to a Kickstarter for a biopic of Washington with Morse reprising his role. The same thing goes for Dillane’s Jefferson. 

Fantastic series. Perfect casting. Awesome acting. And HBO stuck about as close to the facts as you’ll find in a biopic or historical drama. If it was a History Channel production, they would have cast some 25-year-old dude that looks like Orlando Bloom in the role of John Adams in his 50s, and Thomas Jefferson would have been doing Jackie Chan-level martial arts moves in totally fictional fight scenes.

  • Hamilton:*strides into office* sup losers
  • Jefferson:*signing shit* hello moron
  • Hamilton:*walks over to jefferson*
  • Jefferson:*sniffs and drops pen* by god hamilton! You are not taking an air bath in here.
  • Hamilton:why, yes I am
  • Jefferson:go find a real water bath or I will wipe you down with my now handkerchief and spit
  • Hamilton:uh...ew okay