More from the new stuff with @nicolemazz89 influenced by #milesaldridge and a myriad of other photographers. This was actually the first shoot I did while developing this new style for my work. There’s both the brightness and a darkness to this work, it has a has a 60s meet 80s vibe at times. I’ve done my best for it to be lustful and raw and at the same time, emotionally disconnected and intentionally hollow. In the past few months I’ve done many shoots that I will start releasing in pieces as i developed/tweaked and really started to find my own voice within this style and it’s influences.

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“A sea of mango delicious” – Model Kristen Athena (Model Management Agency) on the VJ Thomas gown she wore at Moore College’s 2014 Runway show.

Interview with Fashion Designer VJ Thomas:

Jeff Cohn: Congrats on your senior show and graduation as well as an excellent senior collection. Today Ive decided to focus on your senior gown. Can you tell me about it?

VJ Thomas: The evening segment of the fashion show was based on expressionism. I chose Jackson Pollock’s splatter paintings as my inspirations which are loud, full of impact yet beautiful at the same time.

It’s a High/Low splatter print cotton dress with a golden yellow Georgette train.

Jeff Cohn:  How would you say it differs or compliments your normal aesthetic?

 VJ Thomas: As a designer, I am very interested in simplicity. I tend to lean towards solids and textural fabrics. Through the addition of the golden yellow Georgette fabric which toned down the loud print, I was able to create a dress that really represented me, and I must say, I fell in love with the color combination a little more than that of my senior collection, which consisted of light colors.

Jeff Cohn: How would you describe your target market?

VJ Thomas: My target customer is any woman who yearns to have a personal relationship with her wardrobe-that is a woman who wants to feel elegant yet comfortable from the office to brunch, to an evening out.

Jeff Cohn: Now that you’ve graduated from Moore what are your future plans as a designer? Intern? Your own line? Project Runway? (I hear Moore students are good at that one)

VJ Thomas: In the future, I hope to have my own label and break into the international fashion scene. I also picture myself as a fashion industry entrepreneur, searching for international talent to bring to America.

Jeff Cohn: If someone wants to purchase one your pieces or follow your career, is there a link i can provide them?

VJ Thomas: Unfortunately, I do not have a website for my designs. However, if anyone wants to inquire, they can email me at or add me on LinkedIn at and my blog is where I just jot down my inspiration.

Jeff Cohn: thank you so much for your time and I can’t wait to see what comes in the future!