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“Every day, I work out. I work on it with equipment, but I will never really be done. Chris Pratt’s never gonna stop, is he? He’ll always be out there mocking me. So, I can never stop. But, I don’t stay on one treadmill my entire life, staring at commercials for movies with Chris Pratt. I take my work into the world. I premiere it, I share with the public. Don’t stay in the gym, Abed. Get this session done, get out there and get your shirt off.“

Starkid-supernatural the musical

This would be the greatest just hear me out. I saw one of those Starkid confession thingys about it and had the some great ideas for who plays who. Dean-Joe Walker Sam-Jeff Blim Castiel-Lauren Lopez Bobby-Dylan Saunders Crowley-Joe Moses Charlie-Jaime Lyn Beatty Metatron-Nick Lang With Joey Richter, Jim Povolo, possibly both Brians, Meredith Stepien, Darren Criss (if he comes back) and anyone else I’ve missed as demons and ghosts and monster it would be perfect.

Dumb and Dumber To 2014 Film


↦ Dumb and Dumber To Movie Storyline
20 years after the dimwits set out on their first adventure, they head out in search of one of their long lost children in the hope of gaining a new kidney.

➺ Dumb and Dumber To Movie Detail
Release Date : 2014-11-14
Casts : Angela Kerecz, Paul Bednarz, June Shannon, Lauren Henneberg, Atkins Estimonds, Dave Walpole, Shelton Foreman, Jacklyn Edney, Carly Craig, Kathleen Turner, Bryan Dilbeck, Jeff Sumner, Stefan Walker Armstrong, Bennett Wayne Dean Sr., Steve Tom, Billy Boy Johnson, Debi Kimsey, Maia Moss-Fife, John Deifer, Michael Jaegers, Christina Michelle Williams, Jim Carrey, Tommy Snider, Erika Bierman, Matthew Cardarople, Garret H. Dumas, Rob Riggle, John Merical, Brett Wyman, Kassidy Claire, Kathlene Huslin, Dalton E. Gray, Dave Walpole, David Emmett, Llauryn P. Hendrix, Tembi Locke, Tim Campione, Don Lake, Rachel Melvin, Walter Hendrix III, Sade Shearer, Patricia French, Ron Hudson, Gregory Fears, William Goodrum, Rob Koebel, Taylor McPherson, Laurie Holden, Richard Melton, Jeff Daniels, Doris Dean, Aaron Kischnick, Bill Murray, Cody Mark Hanna, Orbert Rogers, Erick Reihs Jackson, Eddie Shin, Grant James, William R. Phillips, Jennifer Cocker, Paul Blackthorne, Jesse Clark, Derrick Dean, Jeff Matthew Glover, Dereck Smith, Barbara Prince, Lindsay Ayliffe, Michael McCrudden, Ryan Nesset, Anthony R. McClara, Erin Allin O'Reilly, Brady Bluhm, Derek Blankenship, Abigail Gamache, David Pascua, Walt Arnett, Josh Turner, Jeffrey Karantza, Taylor St. Clair, Joe Foley, Darien Johnson
Duration : 110 minutes runtime
Rating : 5.9

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Dumb and Dumber To 2014 Film

  • Pierce: “I’ve been told I look like a Kennedy.”
    Jeff: “Nope, not an idea. That’s a statement.”
  • The History assignment: “Pick any moment from history and tell me about it. Be as creative as you want, or not, I don’t care. Professor Cornwa…”
  • Annie: “Shirley, I’m speaking for both you and me.”
    Shirley: “Then you might want to teach your mouth how to say ‘we are’ and ‘us.’”
  • Troy: “I thought that would work…”
  • The light switch check guy.
  • Body switch penis check.
  • Jeff: “Dean, I need you.”
    Dean: “It’s happening… Shut the door.”


Okay.. I read that it’s a deleted scene or a fake flashback.. I hope it’s a flashback.!!!

I think that Jeff and Annie are already dating (well I don’t “think”, I “hope”) and Abed knows everything. In every JeffxAnnie scene Abed is there and acting weird. Also I find super cute how Jeff is protecting Annie. **waiting for the next episode**

– if anyone knows something about this photo please tell meee –

  • Dean: “How am I supposed to keep track of what you tell me in confidence and what I hear through your walls with a glass to my ear?”
  • Britta’s boombox.
  • Dean: “Can you say that last part again? These walls are entirely too thick.”
  • Abed (on why his dip has been in the fridge for two years): “I was saving it for a special occasion.”
  • Pierce: “You ask one lady if she’s Tyler Perry in drag and suddenly you’re the bad guy.”
  • Jeff (to Britta): “You really you’d this one, huh.”
  • William Snr: “Reminds me of the time I was Ralph Lauren.”
  • Britta: “Show me on the dinner roll where you’re hurt.”
  • Troy: “Why did I have to go third?!”
  • Abed: “I drew a map of your house on my stomach.”
    Shirley: “I know what my house looks like.”
  • Shirley: “And then Pierce did white face over black face…”

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Guessing J/A

I love it when someone guesses something about Community. I love guessworks (if that’s the right word) because I think about it a lot. I imagine if its possible and how I will react and all these things.

So if in the 6x12 (12 is my favorite number) which is the 109th episode of Community something J/A happens. I say it because bluecharmeuse wrote about it and because of 109 Debate.

I don’t know. I hope you are right bluecharmeuse and I hope nothing happens between J/B. That’s my real wish now…