Trophy Case

I like to allow myself special moments to catalog my career as a teacher. (My hubby and I call it “the trophy case.”) These are usually things incredibly cringe-worthy, or tear jeeringly joyful. Moments worth mentioning so far:

1. Receiving a nomination for “Student Teacher of the year” from my credential program.

2. Accidentally spilling the beans to a group of 3rd graders that Santa doesn’t exist.

3. I was told by a student’s mom that she had cancer, but that her kid knew because she had already told him. He was having a rough day so we talked about what was going on privately. While trying to comfort him, I ended up telling him for the first time that his mom had cancer and realized half-way through that mom had lied to me. Mom had not told the son, my foot was in my mouth.

3. A student asked me to draw in the eyebrows he regretfully shaved off last night.