‘Dreams Come True’, ‘I Can Change’ Two Possible Tracks on ‘The Desired Effect’?

Jedward, an Irish singing and presenting duo, tweeted the following about an hour ago:

Love the new album The Desired Effect by @BrandonFlowers ‘Dreams come true’ and ‘I Can Change’ are awesome

— JEDWARD (@planetjedward)

March 15, 2015

It appears that ‘Dreams Come True’ and ‘I Can Change’ are two possible tracks on Brandon Flowers’ ‘The Desired Effect’.

If these two tracks titles are correct, that would bring the total of known tracks off ‘The Desired Effect’ to five.

  1. ‘Can’t Deny My Love’
  2. ‘Digging Up The Heart’
  3. ‘Still Want You’
  4. ‘Dreams Come True’
  5. ‘I Can Change’

Victims will recall that Warren Fu has already confirmed that ‘Still Want You’ will be a single off ‘The Desired Effect’ and that he directed the music video for it.

Taken from a Killers community.