I’m back on the german version of ‘Wookiepedia’ called ‘Jedipedia’. I used to do that ages ago and it’s still damn fun.
They asked me to come back and so I did. I can count the amount of females there on one hand, I’m telling you! XD
It’s awesome and so don’t worry or ask yourself why I’m not so active. It’s eating my brain and I love it.

Jason Fry talks Star Wars Rebels: Servants of the Empire

Jason Fry talks Star Wars Rebels: Servants of the Empire

The our friend Ben at the website Jedipedia sent us an interview posted with author Jason Fry who is writing the Star Wars Rebels tie-in young reader series, Servants of the Empire.

Servants will focus on Zare Leonis an Imperial cadet on Lothal who will appear in a supporting role on the television show.

Q: Which of your books would you say is your best? On which did you write the longest?


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