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Droplets, A Different Song, All The Stars in Texas

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All of the new chapters incredibly moving and emotional and I cried reading each one.

My week has been a roller coaster of emotions. I don’t know how I’m functioning.

Freaking bravo to the writers, each of them should be incredibly proud of their writing and praised for it. And if you haven’t read one of these fics, or any of them, you really really need to because they are so beautifully written.

JeanMarco Neck Kisses fic

by nianator

(inspired by angry neck kisses anon) “Marco come onnn, I’m sorryyyy.” Marco has been ignoring Jean for the past few hours since they came back from their dinner out with Eren and Mikasa. “I wont do it again ok?”Apparently Marco didn’t appreciate Jean’s overprotectiveness when Eren poked fun at how going to the gym made Marco’s shirt fit him really well. That caused a bit of a scene. Now Marco’s sitting criss crossed applesauce on their bed, his back to Jean and arms folded, his lower lip jutting out in a pout. Silence. Jean groans and rests his forehead on Marco’s back. “Why do you have to be so stubborn.” Marco makes a “hmph”sound in return. “What can I do to make you not hate me?” That made Marco waiver for a second, but he resumed kissing the back of Marco’s neck. Marco’s breath hitches and his eyes go wide. The kisses start trailing up his nape, hot and smooth. Marco starts breathing heavily, clenching the comforter underneath him in frustration. “J-Jean. Sto-hhofuuu..” Jean smiles “You say something?” Ok. Marco’s had enough. “For fucks sake Jean.” He turns around swiftly, surprising the tan haired man, and effortlessly pins him against the bed. Jean takes a few seconds before he asks,”Does this mean you’re not ignoring me?” Marco rolls his eyes and leans down to give him a long sweet kiss, but abruptly comes back up. “Never punch Eren in the restaurant again.” Jean shrugs, “No promises sweetheart.” “You’re such an ass,” mumbles Marco as he goes down and kisses him.

Eren has a lot on his plate

A/N: The hiatus is officially over! Hell yea hell fucking yea. We’re getting this fic back up and running over the next few weeks, starting with the longest chapter yet - 15,000 words of college werewolf man pain. My deepest apologies for taking so long with this, and all the false hope I gave of an update a month ago. I am utter trash.


Saro’s Writing Commissions!

Hello everyone! As I mentioned in a previous post, con season is coming up and I have some serious potential financial issues on the horizon, so I’m opening up writing-related commissions. Go me!

Fanfic writing:

Prices are about $1 for every 200 words.  AUs with smut, or fanfics outside fandoms I’m familiar with have a $5 surcharge for research/character development.  I will write most kinks & most ships but reserve the right to refuse a commish if it ‘squicks’ me. Max word count is 15k, and if I go over I won’t charge you. Unless I go, like, way over then we might have to have a Discussion.

If you want an in-progress fic to update slightly faster, 50% off the going price.  (It’ll very likely get done eventually, but if you want credit in the chapter note/24 advance preview of a work, I won’t stop you from commishing)

(examples) + (painfully old but more SFW examples)


I won’t do academic research paper, but I’m more than happy to critique your original short stories/fanfics. Beta-reading is $1 for every 500 words, with a $3 surcharge for fanfics outside my fandoms.  Max. word count is 10k.

Any work with a 72 hour deadline/rush has their rate doubled, so a writing commish would be worth $1 every 100 words because I’m also a full-time Creative Writing student with a caffeine allergy and I need my sleep.

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Posting Fics:

You cannot claim my writing for your own.  Editing is fine - credit for my help would be appreciated, but if it’s for school it’s not necessary. If it’s a fanwork or something intended to be shared, I would prefer to distribute it myself (aka post on AO3, Tumblr, etc) but we can discuss such things on an as-needed basis.

Payment will be through Paypal.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask!

Summary : Marco Bodt was living a peaceful Shepherd’s life with his family, but after a succession of misfortunes, he lost his freedom and ended up serving under the tyranny of Jean, the young prince of Egypt.

Jean was a spoiled brat, but there was also more to him than the eye could see. It would take Marco a lot of patience and kindness to discover it.

Egyptian AU inspired by tumblr cackingjackal’s drawings

Chapter extract :  The brunette still wasn’t used to Jean opening his heart like this. It made the prince look smaller, younger and Marco felt deep inside him the need to protect the boy he liked to spend time with. Jean was so sensitive, he felt so much, just like his emotions were always bubbling under his skin.